Snowtubing coming to Harpers Ferry
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wfyurasko - DCSki Supporter 
3 months ago (edited 3 months ago)
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Not much detail other than a Facebook post; a river tubing rental outfit is building a snow tubing hill to open in the new year
Scott - DCSki Editor
3 months ago
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Interesting - thanks for sharing.  Now, will they charge extra to have the tube slide down the snow hill directly into the icy Potomac River?  That would be an adventure.  :)
3 months ago
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So, yeah, we are getting a snow tubing hill in Harpers Ferry. Don't count on any expansion of winter sports beyond that. 

It's on the western slope of Bolivar Heights, facing Schoolhouse Ridge and on the south side of US340. If you know where the Clarion Inn/White Horse Grill is, it is just below it. River Riders has had a zipline on the same slope. 

It does not come anywhere near the river, icy or not. 

Moe Gull
3 months ago
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Very cool I hope they put in a good effort here and make it a fun place for families and also groups of young people.
3 months ago
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River Riders was a terrible outfitter IMO.  After experiencing the ones up in Ohiopyle, they were a huge step down.  Equipment sucked and all the guides did was kvetch about tips.  Probably the only time I ever gave a crappy tip to a river guide.

I'd sooner drive up to Liberty before I ever go there again. I think the distance is roughly the same.

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