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I’m based in Pittsburgh. I’ve been interested for years in potentially doing some skinning to access some of the woods around Seven Springs, but I don’t have the equipment, and have never done it. 

Is it worth a trip to White Grass to check it out? And will they have the equipment I need available for rent?
3 months ago
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Whitegrass rents backcountry skis with telemark bindings and fish scales along with telemark boots, but as far as I know not alpine touring skis and boots. The closest place I know of where you can rent alpine touring setups is the Mountaineer in Keene Valley, New York. 
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If you want to cross country ski, Laurel ridge and Laurel mountain have groomed trails and rent skis.  There are many miles of ungroomed trails as well.

If you are looking to go down steeps you can always hike or snowshoe up and ski down, which is not a whole lot more work than skinning if you aren't going far horizontally.  Or you could get daymakers inserts and skins for your downhill skis.  Or get a cheap tele setup new or used.

If you have a beefy enough tele setup you can do regular alpine turns although not as.confidently as with a locked heel.  I am not sure what kind of equipment Whitegrass rents.

3 months ago
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Just go and try it. 

Everyone thinks they just want to tour but the truth is that XC - downhill  (XCD) gear is *much* lighter and *much* quicker to climb with.   

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