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Ski industry brains - The impending dreaded mid-winter thaw is coming, 😫. What could be done to minimize the coming melt off? Are there some out of the box ideas to stem the base loss? How can resorts reflect the sun and warmth away from the slopes. It seems every year at some point during the season resorts get hammered with a prolonged thaw event. All that time, effort and money just melts away. Has to be so frustrating as a resort owner, watching the skier days count fade. 

I’m thinking reduce the trail surface area and plant rows of “soft trees” evergreens. I imagine this could be a nightmare for resorts skiers running into trees, however rate them expert only, status. Imagine Exhibition at White Tail with 2 rows of trees on the fall line. This would require a totally new adaptation to snow making etc…

Unfortunately this mid-season warming events are going to continue. Those resorts below 3K to 4K elevation are going to struggle. 

Can’t really fight Mother Nature, probably comes down to the cost of doing business. 

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