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I took my son to Sunday River last week during FCPS Spring Break. First time I had ever visited Maine or Sunday River. We flew from DCA to Portland, then it was a very easy drive to the mountain. Only some lifts were open - White Cap Quad, Barker, Spruce, North Peak, and Jordan Bowl - which I think was due to lack of lift personnel. Nonetheless, there were plenty of runs. The snow was fantastic - better than Killington the week after Christmas, when the temperature was in the 40s and the snow there was already mashed potatoes. Best of all, hardly anyone was there, no waiting in line even on the weekend days. 

The Jordan Bowl was exceptionally good skiing. Snow stayed firm even in the afternoon. The lift was an 8 with heated seats and a wind shield, which my son said is exactly what they need at Ballhooter. One interesting thing was that we saw lots of people doing "skinning" - skiing up the run on modified Nordic skis - something I had never seen before. Way too much work for me!

I liked the variety of lengthy blue trails were on the mountain, and I didn't care that a good many of the black runs were closed as no lifts to Locke Mountain, Aurora Peak, or Oz were running. 

We stayed in the Grand Summit Hotel, which we liked, and the room had a kitchen allowing us to avoid overpriced hotel restaurant food.

Rural Maine between Portland and Newry struck me as pretty shabby. Looked a lot like West Virginia, with lots of trailers and rusty cars up on blocks. That must not be where the rich yacht-owning crowd lives...

Great trip and we will definitely go back again.


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