4 New Runs Cut at Bryce - Summer 2023
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A friend just sent our small ski group his videos of 4 new ski runs that Bryce has just cut. All branch off from Redeye and run down in the direction where the short-lived terrain park was cut for 2021.

One run is a meandering green run. The other three are steeper blues or maybe blacks - including one that incorporates the steep former terrain park. These will apparently be served by a 3rd chairlift.

My friend reports that the word on the street is that these runs will open for the 2025-26 season.


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     It has been quite a few years since I have been to Bryce. Where was this terrain park? Skiers right or skiers left of red eye? I thought the terrain to skiers right of red eye was a southward facing slope and had houses on it? I am trying to picture where these new slopes (pod) are going in. 

edited to say... nevermind! looks like brand new imagery on Google Earth. Definately SE exposure. WOW!


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That looks great! Bryce has become our weekend mountain as my son learns to properly ski. 

Trying to imagine where a third lift would unload with the new trails. The load point would be at the very right side of the picture  but where would the lift run to… trying to imagine a flat part off to the right of red eye that wouldn’t interfere with the trails/lifts they have now. Thoughts? 
8 months ago
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Would they run the lift diagonal from the basin of the four trails back to the top of redeye with the other two quads? 
8 months ago
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I noticed these trails a while back when looking at a hiking area nearby.  They seem short to me, with some tough snowmaking exposure, but always glad to see some new terrain.  

I have not skied at Bryce for some time, and also question how the new lift would work.  The existing beginner trail is pretty wide up top and for 50 years (with the two lift structure) has had skiers coming off-lift about a quarter of the way or so down the mountain on the second older lift.  The point is, I don't see a new lift coming in mid-trail as a huge issue.

What is the bigger issue is, unless the new lift brings you back up to the summit somehow, you would not be able to "lap the backside."

Will see and glad to see Bryce and the Nut adding new terrain.  

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