Vail 4th quarter Earnings call
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Hi, Yeah you can see Net Operating take a hit from raising the pay rate higher.

The Average price paid is nice to know. about 76$.  Local 1-day epic pass NE was at 59$  22%.

I come in at 27$ a  day.  

Most Lift replacements and upgrades are complete for the MID_ATL and North East. A large amount of much-needed infrastructure work. 


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The problem is even with the pay increase in most ski towns associated with Vail, it is still unaffordable for mountain ops, ski and ride, patrol, and resort staff to live even within an hour of those resorts. Yet, for example, Vail is charging over $1200 for a full-day private ski lesson. To put that in perspective the instructor, with a PSIA Level 3 cert is making less than $200 for that ski lesson.. 
Laurel Highlands
2 months ago
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Vail released more detailed 2024 capital plans yesterday.   Although there is not much new for the mid-atlantic, one addition that should be a welcome improvement was this:  " At Seven Springs, we plan to add 390 new parking spaces to increase capacity for peak demand periods

Wondering exactly where this will be.

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Nothing like loosing $175 mil. At HV this year, the investments were oriented to replacing old stuff that stopped working  - 4 - 15 year old Techno Alpine fan guns, a worn out groomer , the motor on the main snow making pump, and some corroded/worn out snow making piping and valves. Our main restaurant, The Clocktower will not open continuing the decline in HV dining options. The snow tubing will not open, again. On top of that, Highlands Ventures, Nutting’s company that owns the inn, the conference center and the old health club, will continue to let these facilities fall apart and do nothing with them. At LM, the other ugly step child, not much evidence of much investment there either. I hope there will be a commitment to snow making and opening terrain at HV and LM. So far, Blue Knob, yes Blue Knob, opened before any local Vail resort. Given the changing climate and weather patterns, there needs to be a significant investment in snow making at HV, LM and 7S to get these resorts operational in line with the competition. The parking spaces will be empty if no one is skiing.
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I'm sure Vail will make up for that geez $161 for a day pass right now now with a few minor trails open and a few lifts at Heavenly and Northstar. Nope - not for me our Diamond Peak season passes were under $300 per person. I'll wait until they have more terrain open. Good news is Homewood did NOT go private so hopefully we'll have some free reciprocal passes there.

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