Hip, Neck, Back all repaired - This info may help
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Hello,   (I am not a medical professional)  

As we age our bodies may need repair:  My race team we are mostly >50 years old and a lot of repair. 

The journey I recorded   15 months from last surgery everything came out 100%.

I skied in pain for years. 

It is a long recovery of years. Worth all the trouble.

My skiing skills became better. balance and 3d spacial improved.

My issue was a birth defect. Spinal canal space is half of normal.

Left hip first degraded: https://skidome.org/ZardozRen/hip/

Then Neck ACDFC456: https://skidome.org/ZardozRen/neck/

Then Back L4/5 Lami Fuse: https://skidome.org/ZardozRen/back/

Today I am ready to Ski. 

My body is rebuilt, and my mental health is good (you will need care).

I was worried I would never be able to ski again. 

RULE#1 Turtle down - if you are high-energy you have to slow down you will not be back at the same level for 18 months. 

Take care, 


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Fair enough, and certainly congratulations!  Luckily, I haven't had any significant physicality issues in my skiing career. Let's knock on wood if we can.  Having just turned 50, though, I am wont to take it a little easier on those slopes.  I have nothing to prove.  I still enjoy every minute, though.  More about the enjoyment and savoring time-on-slope.  Enjoy! 
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Congratulations on your successful rehab. Enjoy the coming season. You've earned it.
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This season will be back to normal.  30 days to go.  

Turtle down just meant during rehab the urge to push too hard is always there.

    The Dr/PT knew that was me.  Pushing too hard could result in new surgery and cost.

Plus my skiing flaws are gone. I do not hold back skiing I can still go max speed. I do avoid jumping and bumps. 

one of the folks on the FB side of DC ski was asking about Shots to control pain so he could get through the season.

Shots( RFA, facet joint, Epi, both Cervical and Lumbar) They worked for a while.  A good diagnostic for the Spinal Nuero/Surgeon. 

Happy skiing Zardog

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