Pre-owned Skis purchase on FB Marketplace Craig's List
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fosphenytoin - DCSki Supporter 
2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)
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I came across this post on FB Marketplace.  Thought it offers good advice and place to post it. 


I belonged to a local BuyNothing Group on FB.  Recently, a kind individual offered a free pair of skis to BN group, a beginner skier just recovered from foot injury got the free skis.  I almost wanted to post comment about BSL and DIN setting, but decided not to.  

bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
2 months ago
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Seems like good advice. I took a different route.

After not skiing for 30 years, I got back into skiing in 2003 after our son had tried it a few times at Wintergreen. Not wanting to wait for rentals and pay for them, but not quite ready to invest in new skis, I bought a pair of year-old rental Rossignols on eBay for maybe 100 bucks with bindings included. A ski shop adjusted them to my used eBay ski boots and I was on my way. They served me well for a couple of seasons until I was ready to buy new skis.


snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
2 months ago
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My most recent Ebay purchase is a pair of Kastle MX-88 skis, with bindings. These were demo skis from the last model year in near perfect condition. I paid $300 for these skis which cost $1,100+/- new, just for the skis. This situation was a lucky bargain. I had been trying to buy these skis for months, bidding and loosing. For some strange reason, there were no other bids on these Kastle skis? This is what you call luck. And they were fully tuned. All I had to do is have the bindings adjusted. These skis are legendary and I got them for $300. Yipeee! I also have a pair of Vokl Kanjos that I bought from the Hidden Valley Ski Shoppe (which I highly recommend). During the summer, you can get some good ski bargains on Ebay. 
2 months ago (edited 2 months ago)
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Super-great idea if you have a notion of a ski you want to try out for a season and see how you like it. I did that with a busted-up rental pair of Blizzard Bonafide (albeit a little too short at 173 cm) but I liked them very much and it cost me only $299 with rental binding so that worked and I bough a pair later.

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