Snow at Snowshoe!!!???
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November 1, 1999
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Last week there were pictures of intense snowmaking at Snowshoe, along with a 5" snowfall at the top. I was shocked today to see the 11/1 RSN live camera shot showing a bare beginners slope outside Shaffer Center. What gives? It should not have all melted that fast!
November 1, 1999
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Those pictures are over a week old, and considering how warm it has been in the past week, I would be surprised if there was any trace of snow left. But don't worry, I grew up outside of Elkins which isn't too far away from Snowshoe and the word is that its supposed to snow there tomorrow night. I just hope it stays cold.
Scott - DCSki Editor
November 1, 1999
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Hey, not to fear! I'm not sure the snow went anywhere, although it has been warmer this week.

The "RSN Resort Cam Live shots" from Snowshoe aren't *really* live. Some resorts have a live shot from a digicam that is continually updated, but Snowshoe selects an image each day to be updated, and the photos are snapped by hand. They may not always be up-to-date. I saw the photo you're referring to, and I don't think it's in exactly the same area as where the snowpiles were last week. (I think Skidder is to the right?)

(Of course, a picture of melting snow might not be a great shot, and I'm sure the snow has been melting!)

But the good news is that a cold front is moving in, and it should bring pretty chilly temperatures to the mountains. I'm betting Snowshoe will still make their Nov. 19 opening date.

- Scott

November 2, 1999
Just to clear up a few things. Snowshoe received 6 inches of natural snow 10/22 - 10/24. The snowmakers made snow into Sunday, 10/24. The picture wasn't changed from Monday 10/25 until 11/1 due to the fact that the three people who oversee that matter were away at various tourism and industry related conferences. The cam picture is changed daily (sometimes more then once) to reflect the weather conditions on top of the resort. Snow is in the forecast for tonight through Thursday and the guns should be going again at the Snowshoe and Silver Creek areas. We are still shooting for Friday, November 19 as the opening day. Hope to see you on the slopes.
November 2, 1999
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To save some confusion, if the pictures on Snowshoe's site are updated only once a day, then maybe they should stop calling it a "Live" picture
In the world of internet web cams we have today, "Live" doesn't mean once per day.

On a more positive note, if I look really really hard, there seems to be a white patch near one of the snow blowers in their current picture....or am I just that desperate for snow?

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