Wildwood Highlands Ski Area

North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Robert Williams (RobertW on the DCSki Message Forums) provided the following description of the Wildwood Highlands Ski Area in October, 2005:

Full TerraServer image available here.

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Jeff Williams
March 18, 2007
We grew up about 2 miles from the place; skied there 30-40 times a winter. they even had a ski racing program. I collect patches and pins from every place Ive skied. If anyone has a patch or pin from Wildwood Highlands Id be very interested in purchasing one if there willing to sell. If so, e-mail me at mitty@connecttime.net . Thanks
drew hanks
April 6, 2010
we built a jump up there years ago and as soon as we were done someone went on the P.a system at highlands and ordered us off the hill...bummer.
Tom Sheehan
January 6, 2011
After almost 37 years since we lived in the Franklin Park area, memories came back of Wildwood Highlands Ski Area. I remember our school had ski nights at the slopes and we had some great times. The chair lift went over Pine Creek.I loved to knock the snow off the skis and chair bench 40 feet above the river. To a 10 year old, that was really cool.The lodge was really nice, complete with the early "PONG' games and Air hockey tables.If I remember correctly, the lodge burnt down on Christmas evening or New Years evening.I also remember that before they opened, my father,brother and I went on a guided tour. I believe they planned to have train service to the resort, with a side track with accomodation cars for stayover guests. I might have some old pictures. If I can come up with them, I will post them in the future.
January 24, 2011
i did ski there and worked as a pro patrolman week days. and of course went to white mt on weekends
john albright
November 17, 2012
hey guys i just looked a terra server of wildwood highlands an looks like they might have a new ski area working
February 27, 2015
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Skied there one time in the mid 70's.  Went with a freind who was just learning.  I remember laughing at him as he flailed around on the slopes.  It took me about 30 minutes or so to get there from where I lived, and only about 75 minutes to get to Seven Springs.  Seven Springs would always win out for a good day of skiing so my one day there just became a curiosity.

Rick G

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