Area North of Chambersburg

North of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Darren sends the following note about a small ski area he remembers north of Chambersburg, PA:

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Reader Comments

cliff kauffman
November 27, 2005
Yes ive been there many times it has been closed for years the lodge is still there
Gordon Gibbs
December 21, 2005
The name of the place I think your talking about is Richmond Furnance, The is still there and you can still see the trails. At one time someone was trying to fix it up and turn it into a day spa.
bill erdman
December 30, 2005
the area's name was richmond hill ski was in or near the richmond furnace state park i believe...on pa route 75...thanks..i was a ski freak for about 20 years...untill long life lines..
bill erdman
January 1, 2006
after thinking about it...richmond hill ski area is off pa.route 75 nearer to McConoldsburg,pa..near (still on pa map)richmond furnace,pa.
Kris daCosta-Warshauer
December 22, 2006
Yes, that ski area closed. Although small - Darren's note 120-ft vertical with 2 slopes and a rope tow plus old lodge is accurate, Richmond Hill Furnace was the coziest ski area! This is where my father took me for my first ski lessons in the 1980's.
Jeff LaGrassa
February 26, 2008
I grew up in Chambersburg from 1975-1988 and remember Richmond Hill. I actually never made it to the ski area because a buddy broke a leg after renting some very old and faulty ski equipment there, but we knew people that went there often. I was also warned that it was considerably smaller than Ski Liberty and Ski Roundtop, which were by no means big mountains!
September 11, 2008
A good history of the place (written by a former owner) is contained in
shelly neighoff
January 1, 2013
I grew up going to Richmond Hill Lodge for my first years withmy family. My mother was Friends with the Baumgardener's and after the lodge closed, we met with them. We walked through the lodge after and it was hard to see a place of great memories fading away. The lodge was neat but the actual skiing hills weren't big or plentiful, but nonetheless fun. I remember on weekends the downstairs was packed with people line dancing and partying, right below the giant stone fireplace with the large deer and antlers. Fond memories. I plan to visit it very soon as I've thought about it a lot and have wondered what it's current state is. We have not talked to Evelyn in years.
April 10, 2013
There used to be an ice cream place just before you got to the ski lodge, right at the road where you turn to go to Cowan's Gap. Does anyone remember the name of it?

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