Richmond Hill

Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania

DCSki reader Mark Bedle writes about a lost ski area in PA named Richmond Hill:

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Reader Comments

Bill P
December 31, 2007
I remember the place, It was run down back in the late 80s but had a rustic lodge which seemed really out of place for such a small ski area. I was actually searching the net to see if it still existed but, I guess not if you folks do not know about it. It reminded me of that 1972 Disney movie "Snow Ball Express"
November 12, 2008
Richmond Hill was the very first place I ever skied. I skied there in the late 80's. I think it closed down either in the 1989 or 1990 timeframe. The owners wanted to sell out. They sold out and the new owners renovated the lodge with hopes that it would attract tourists who were going to ski at Whitetail. They apparently had no interest in continuing the ski business. The skiing at Richmond Hill was very "small" is the only way I can describe it. There basically was only one "hill", and it was extremely short. Having never skied before, it was perfect for me, and very cheap. I think you could get a lift ticket for about $12 and rent for about the same. It was a perfect place to learn. The people were very helpful. On a Saturday, there were usually only about 60 people total, I'd guess, sking there. I have good memories of it, but most real skiers would consider it a joke, I'm sure.
Tim G
March 3, 2009
This was the first place I ever skied. Winter of 1979-1980. The ski rentals and lift ticket was $7.00. School was closed for a snow day. We called the resort, they said they were not open but if we could gather up 10 people they would open. We called them back with 10 people lined up to go skiing and they opened up the hill, we had a great time. In the 90's you could rent the lodge for parties, I had quite a few good times there.
February 9, 2010
I have great memories of Richmond Hill...I learned to ski at the hill. Many weekends were spent on the hill in the snow and drinking hot chocolate in the great lodge. It was an amazing place. I remember building 3 foot jumps in the snow and having a great time. I am a real skier and I would give anything to spend just one more day at the "hill." It had a bit of magic about it!!!!!
Gregg Cerrone
February 11, 2012
I learned to ski here in 1970. Small hill with 1500 foot run. Just big enough to scew up my knee when I was 15. :) The Bumgarners from Greencastle owned it. They ran a beer distributor full time during the week. He had snowmaking equipment I don't think he ever used. Beautiful lodge he built. I watched the progress of the construction. Lift tickets were 5 bucks!! J-bar driven by an old tow truck. It was awesome back in the day. Mamma Bumgardner ran the grill and cooked a lot of burgers I'll tell ya. I believe they had 4 or 6 rooms there you could rent. What memories!
John L
January 11, 2013
I skied for the first time at Richmond Hill when I was 15 in 1979. Part of a large group from Brooklyn Park High School, we stayed in the lodge many times over the years. It was perfect for those just learning to ski. We paid $15 for lift ticket and rentals. There was a "pro" who gave quick lessons on how to snow plow to get everyone started. My mother was 47 her first time skiing there. This was before the rope tow and she has to duck walk up the bunny slope all day but she had a great time.
Lisa Hooper
August 18, 2013
My grandfather Bunch Hooper skied at a richmond hill. He won a ski jump of 68 feet beating the next guy by twenty two feet. He did this several years in a row in the 1930s. I cannot tell where Richmond Hills Slide is by the newspaper article, but the headline below is about the Pittsburgh defeats the Irish in overtime. . Might be Michigan.

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