Plateau De Mount

Somerset, Pennsylvania

According to Kevin Shearer, a DCSki reader, this resort was located just across the road (Route 31) from Hidden Valley. Kevin reports that Plateau De Mount closed in the mid 1970’s and had a vertical of about 200 feet.

“There was a double chair and it appears that it was an upside-down resort with seven trails,” writes Kevin.

“I have heard that the owner doesn’t want people coming to the ski area,” warns Kevin.

An overhead shot of Plateau De Mount. Image courtesy of USGS.
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Reader Comments

fred from donegal
January 30, 2005
i last visited this area in the fall of 1999, the ghostly reminders of once was a beautiful lodge still stood, the the bull wheel tower was still in place,when conditions permit, i know of away into the back side of the mountain that provides views of the slopes.i also know of other lost treasures of the laural mts
February 10, 2005
I have not been to it yet, but would like to see it. My parents have a cabin in that area. If you read this Fred, I am interested in what else you know that interesting on the mountain.
fred from donegal
February 27, 2005
Dustin, if you have the time , and the expierence to wonder back into these mts, there are incredible traesures, from lost trout streams, to old tunnels to explore, backridges to climb, abandoned areas which were once populated, and veiws that can only be expierenced from within the backwoods of these beautiful mts, my true secrets and expierences will only be handed down to my sons and hopefully handed down to there children, that is what keeps secrets ,secrets and to leave what is there, there
fred from donegal
February 27, 2005
P.S. I also know of several other lost ski areas in the immediate area
February 28, 2005
Fred, sorry, i forgot to check back here. Please drop me a line some time, my email is, i would love to find some of this stuff...... very interesting to me.
February 28, 2005
P.S. I re-read the rest of your post. I respect that you want to keep it a secret. If you could just tell me a little bit about it and maybe some pictures that would be awesome. I roamed a small part of the mountain when i was younger, but once high school and now college have come around, i don't make it up there very much.
March 1, 2005
my main interest is the ski resort, I have been around the perimeter many times, just never realized it. Looked up satellite pictures....
Greg Nagy
March 22, 2005
Would one of those "lost ski areas" be the two uncompleted ski runs overlooking Trent and the bottom entrance to Laurel Hill State Park?
March 28, 2005
Hmmm.... I am trying to place where you are talking about. I don't see that entrance too often, i always enter from Trent road or through the boyscout camp. I would love to take some pictures if you can be a little bit more specific. Drop me an email Greg, its listed in a post up above.
Lindsay From Somerset
April 1, 2005
Fred, I have also seen the lodge and find things like this to be nearly awe inspiring and would be very grateful if you would let me in on some of the area's other "lost treasures." Thanks!
fred from donegal
April 3, 2005
Hi greg :there was at lesat 1 and maybe 2 runs directly across frome the main entrance to hidden valley, but new enterprize has destroyed them buy putting in a quarry, there is an old area up on youngstown ridge, which is just southeast of latrobe, it operated in the 60s and there was talk of reopening it i dont know what happened
fred from donegal
April 3, 2005
Hi lindsay, do you have a good four wheel drive, no i dont mean an SUV something like a jeep wrangler . to get you back off of the main roads, if you do then maybe. then you walk for several miles back in. i have found remnants of entire communities, from foundations of barns, houses, fish hatcheries, and even what i am told is the remnants of an old post office. i am glad that you feel the same way that i do about platue de mount, i remember when it was beautiful, have you ever seen the slopes from the back side. have you ever skied the ghost runs at seven springs, or skied the original tow line, once you find it, the rest of the original area sticks out like a sore thumb. i could tell much about laurel, and chestnut, i also have knowledge of ghost runs that i have skied in vermont but you dont have to go that far, just start exploring your back yard. and learn to look for things that look unusall to the surroundings of where you are, and incredable things start appear
fred from donegal
April 3, 2005
to all that is interestd, for years i have been inqiuring for information about an entire division of equipment, from cannons, guns, and wagons, and what ever else,that was buried by union soldiers, somewhere up on laural, along rt30 on there way back, to Pittsburgh, after the civil war was over, i dont know if it is true or legend, but i am trying to find out, and i hope it is fact
April 5, 2005
ghost runs at 7 springs and original tow line??? interesting, been there many times and knew nothing of it. What do you mean by ghost runs exactly? just old runs not used anymore?
fred from donegal
April 10, 2005
Dustin you are absolutely right, all older ski areas have these trails, and if you are not an advanced skier, i would advise not looking for them while sking. they are very narrow. do to the way they skied then and the way we ski now is a differnt sport, plus the were cut narrow, so that the trees could shade the snow to protcet it being there was no such thing as snowmaking. stowe vermont, and mad river glen have magnificent ghost runs but you have to get to know a local , because these are the private areas that are skied, when the slopes are filled with vacationers. the original area at seven springs, was cut directly behind Helens this was the original home place of the dupres. if you walk up blitzen lift line, and look to the right, into the glades, you will see what looks like a straight line. that is narrow and has a rise at the top of the mt this is the original tow line
Jim from pittsburgh
May 27, 2005
I have ridden up there alot the stone quarry took alot of the land and messed it up. The building itself is still standing but not the best shape. My uncle and I went in the building and was fasinated by it. The one entrance at the bottm has like a ball room or something but not totally sure but thats still there. need a flashlight since you can see alot of things since theres no lights. Also I am going to check out the basement since they said there are some pretty nice things to see down there. they said the entrance to the basement is hidden and to watch when you go down there. Also advice to anyone that plans to go up there be safe on where you walk.
Jim from pittsburgh
May 27, 2005
Also some other things i found out about it. That person who owns Hidden Valley is one of the people that owned this resort. His father died and he inherited the money and built Hidden Valley. I talked to my father since he said he used to ski up there that they weren't that narrow but the weren't as wide as they are today. This place is a nice place to ride quads and snowmobiles since thats the only place I ride. If anyone wants to go and view it with me sometime you may email me @ and i will let you know when i am up there next
July 1, 2005
Hey everyone, yeah, it's a pretty cool place. I live in the same mountain about five minute walk from the place. I've explored the trails around that area up and down. Most of the slopes lead you do an old road that connects to Bakersville-Eddie Rd. Anyway, there is a cave in that area if you follow the one slope and then go off into the woods. The cave starts out and you have to crawl, but opens up enough that you can stand. It's full of bats and what not. Interesting place. If anyone wants more info ask on here or email at
July 2, 2005
I was up there this week, and saw that there was a property for sale in the "plateau du monte" (sic) ski area. Also saw a new housing development going in on the main road leading back there from Rt 31
July 5, 2005
Fred, my friends and i found plateau de mount when we were four-wheeler riding a few years ago and we were absolutely fascinated by it. We ride through there often. I would love to know a little about the history of the resort and if there are any pictures of it when it was open and running. I find the architecture of the old resort amazing now and would have loved to have seen it when it was in good condition. There are also rumors that someone bought the resort and had planned to fix it up as a house, do you know anything about that?
July 5, 2005
Fred, I was also wondering if you know anything about the abandoned turnpike tunnel which is now used as a nascar wind tunnel. I've heard some crazy stories about why it was closed and things that had happened in there after it was closed and before it was sealed off.
July 6, 2005

I am not sure where you heard the NASCAR wind tunnel story, but the Laurel Hill tunnel is used for salt and PennDot equipment storage. The abandonded turnpike east of Breezewood was used for various training and testing projects by DOT and PennDot, but I doubt any wind tunnel use. Anyway, the Sidling Hill and Rays Hill tunnel are open for mountain-biking. I am not sure if the old sidling hill rest stop is still used as a Police shooting range though.

Some urls to start your reasearch:
July 7, 2005
I think I need to get up there and see this for myself and get some pictures of the area. If anyone would like to meet up please let me know.I would also really like to see the cave.
July 12, 2005
Dusin, yeah I'm up there most weekends. I won't be there this comming weekend (15th), but next Saturday would most likely work. I'll show you the caves also.

For everyone else, I'll get a bunch of pictures in the next few weeks, of both the caves and the platue.

If anyone else would like to meet and we could all go as a team, contact me on AOL: thechristelegacy or e-mail me at
July 18, 2005
i got caught by the owner of it right now and he told me to tell anyone that rides up the to stay out they got to many bears up there and it become a hazard due to all the constuction around there and if you are caught that its a 350 dollar fine. he said he has caught just about everyone. "SO STAY OUT" as he yelled it at me.
July 19, 2005
The construction is a good distance from the site itself, not to mention for living up there over 16 years, bears have only been spotted a couple of times. No offense to the owner, but if has caught just about everyone, he must find everyone I know exempt from being caught then.
September 11, 2005
I finally made it up there a few weeks ago and it was amazing. The image above makes so much more sense to me now that i have seen. I have fished the creek right below it many times and never knew I was so close to it. I ended up walking up one of the slopes and didnt realize it until i hit the top. It is truely an amazing place that I hope is left standing for many more years to come. The story I got from my parents about the place was that it was only open for a few years, then shut down. The owner at the time just walked away from it all. They had horses up there and they just released them into the woods and never looked back. I was told that horses were seen in the area running wild for a few years.
October 12, 2005
Sooo are we going to ski this hidden treasure this winter? I will be moving to Johnstown later this fall and am totally ready for the snow to fall! If anyone is interested in some winter exploring/skiing let me know at
October 17, 2005
All you would be able to do there is some cross country skiing. The slopes are solid trees. And the field up top is all posted private property.
Bill Boucher
December 18, 2005
The slopes into Trent , not sure I know where they are but the Red Barn Ski Area and Camp soles Ski area have not been mentioned and are very close to Trent. There was a Real Esate development called Scenic View Park in Trent.
December 19, 2005
Indeed, I was referring to Scenic View. The cottages that were built, plus another building are available for rent, but in general the area is concidered private property. If you look at the skyline while driving east on Copper Kettle Hwy near the LH group camp site, you might see a red gazebo. This marks the top of the planned ski slope. There is a v narrow tree lined slope on the north side of that hill. I skied it once in the 80s, but no skiing or sledding is allowed there any more. In a couple of weeks I will post summer and winter shots of the slope.

I have allready mentioned Camp Soles (see Deer lakes entry) but where was Red Barn?
Bill Boucher
January 9, 2006
Red Barn Ski Area was located halfway between Trent and Camp Soles on the right heading towards Camp Soles. The Tow rope poles are still there as is the engine house, actually saw people skiing there about 1965. A big Red Barn sits on the site. Pioneer Park also has a Ski Hill, no tow ever installed, forget the name of the place before Sujansky bought it.
ghost of Platue De Mont
April 8, 2006
I have done my homework and some searching! Platue De Mont closed in the early 70s. It closed because it had trouble keeping snow on the slopes. If you take a closer look you will see that Platue faces the oppisite direction of Hidden Valley. Platue De Mont faces towards the sun.
May 28, 2006
I have just visited it yesterday and i was wondering where the basement is located and if it is haunted i have heard plenty of stories about it?
June 20, 2006
If anyone knows the owner of the land that Platur De Mount sits on would someonr let me know! I am a local geocacher and would like to place a geocache there and i would like to see if the owner would permit a cache on his/her property!
for info on geocaching visit!
If anyone has any info on De Mont let me know at
Jason from Bakersville
June 24, 2006
I grew up in that area & the last I had heard, the resort had been sold - it had been in the local classifieds for some time (cheap, too), but isn't anymore. The old owner/caretaker had/has an old Studebaker Avanti (if he is still alive) & used to shoot at trespassers. I understand that the reason why this resort failed is that it was built on the wrong side of the mountain, before snow makers, & the snow kept melting. As for the tunnel - The Laurel Hill Tunnel - it was closed in 1972 when the 'pike was rerouted. We used to run through it on motorcycles as kids in the '80s. It is still connected to the Turnpike on either side & is a favorite hangout of the Turnpike Police & other workers. There was some talk years back about PSU using it to research mushrooms, but there is no "wind tunnel", Although the ventilation fans in the upper level are fun - they are like huge hamster wheels! Any more info can be shared to
Jason from Bakersville
June 25, 2006
Sorry - I stand corrected, evidently the Laurel Hill Tunnel is being use by NASCAR for some sort of testing.... There is also a lot of relics around this area from work done by the Conservation Corp. if you look closely & off the beaten path....
September 6, 2006
Does anyone have or know where photos of Plateau de Mount can be located? I have been there to see the remains of this resort but am curious as to what it looked like many years ago.
Terry Lannon
August 29, 2007
My family bought a lot at Plateau in the late 60's. The owner was a guy from Hungary whom my parents became friends with (my grandparents were Hungarian). I have a lot of memories from there. We snowmobiled and went skiing in the winter and swam in the lake and rode horses in the summer. I can still smell the newly built stables with all the wood. The lodge was absolutely magnificant! large stone and huge timbers. From what I can remember the huge fireplace was just inside the front entrance. There was a resteraunt on the upstarrs and a lot of rooms on the lower level including the ski rental area. I had heard that Steve (the owner) had divorced Phyllis who was the co-owner. Steve had lived in the lodge but is no longer there. The lodge from what my sister says is in pretty bad shape and no longer inhabited. I believe Phyllis still lives up there somewhere. I remember too a bunch of small A-frame-type mini-cabins there that were used for rentals. There were also a lot of homes there, some of them very nice. We fished in the small lakes and had a great time. I believe the hatchery that was down the road had also closed. I had heard too that the slopes were on the wrong side of the mountain. Anyway it has been a few years since I had been up there and it must be really sad to see now from what my sister told me.
February 17, 2008
I spotted this area while flying over back in the early 80's. The lodge looked quite nice even from the air. We had a place by 7 Springs and also drove by the White Mountain area which I always thought would make a great addition to 7 Springs. I had an old Pa. map which used to show quite a few ski areas which no longer exist. Not sure if these can be traced down though. Thanks for all the great info.
Lila McCrory
April 28, 2008
Me and my friends took a "ghost hunting" trip up to Plateau De Mount the other weekend (we live very very close). It took us about an hour and a half to actually find the resort but once we found it, it was amazing. We had been up there the week before but didn't get a chance to go inside (this was in the dead of night by the way), so we took some more friends, equipped with expensive cameras and sound recording gear. We had heard some stories about deaths in the lodge after its closing so we wanted to see if we could get anything on camera. What we found was frightening...two pictures that scared us pretty badly. We didn't get a chance to look at the pictures until we were back in the car, but we were eager to leave because we knew that we weren't allowed up there. We got a picture of a ghostly face looking upwards into the top section (the stairs were knocked down). I also attempted to take a picture of the full moon beside a tree outside and my camera acted funny, then took a strange picture. If you would like to see pictures of the inside of this lodge as it looks now, contact me at and i would be happy to send them to you. Please contact me, my friends and I are eager to learn its history!!! )

Lila M.
Lila McCrory
April 28, 2008
Sorry my email didn't post right, there is an underscore between the lm and the 100489. THanks!!

Lila M.
Ken Hicks (Whistler BC. Canada)
May 4, 2008
I worked at Plateau De Mount in the first two years it was opened. I ran the Ski Patrol and also rented out Ski Doos and worked in the rental shop. I remember Steve & Phillis and the fact that the snow was always "Marginal". The lodge when it was new, was phenominal. It is sad to hear that it has deteriorated. There was to be a large real estate development with it and a few lots & cabins were built. I am very curious to see some present day pictures of any of this and of any news of the whereabouts of Steve &/or Phyllis I can be contacted at
June 25, 2008
I use to work and live there in the summer of 1968 and 1969. It was a wonderful experience. The owner was an amazing guy that fought in the 56 Hungarian revolution. Ken, I live in Seattle and get up to Whistler all the time. It would be fun to share Steve stories.
June 25, 2008
yes, the lodge was spectacular and so was the stable. they rented the A frames. They also had horses. I taught riding and helped do stone work on some of the homes built. When I was there I lived in the house with Steve,Phillis and 3 others. Two of us where high school kids. I did go back in 1975 to visit Steve and Phillis. Ken-- they still had the dogs and the pups (grown).
July 4, 2008
A local 4WD club rented Plateau De Mount in the mid seventies from Steve (last name sounds like "you pour" - not sure of the spelling) for Jeep races. The main ski slope was used for the hill climb event; an area below the slopes for an off road obstacle course and the field west of the lodge was used for field games. I remember the nice A frame out-buildings to the east used for overnight stays. I was back again in the late seventies to see the old lodge in disrepair and abandoned. In the earlier eighties the lodge and the area around it looked like it was subdivided and homes were being built there. I tried to get back into the area today, but the road into the lodge is posted Private Property - No Trespassing. Would like to see the area again - the satellite views today show a lot of tree growth on the old slopes.
July 9, 2008
Yea, it is a Hungarian name; ou pour. He was a great guy although pretty tough as a result of his experience with the Nazis and then the communists. He fought in the 1956 revolution then escaped to Italy where he taught math at an University while waiting to get permission to come to the US.. He was an engineer by training.
He had a cool car back in the day, a 2 seater volvo.
July 9, 2008
Yea, it is a Hungarian name; ou pour. He was a great guy although pretty tough as a result of his experience with the Nazis and then the communists. He fought in the 1956 revolution then escaped to Italy where he taught math at an University while waiting to get permission to come to the US.. He was an engineer by training.
He had a cool car back in the day, a 2 seater volvo.
October 2, 2008
I am so happy to find this post, as I have visited it via horseback for a few years now and wondered what happened to this place. I do have a recent photo of the lodge. email me at for a pic.
It has mostly caved in now. I was able to enter the basement where there was huge timbers and stone work, and fireplaces and the thickest most plush red carpet. You could tell this was a spectacular lodge at one time.
November 11, 2008
Hey all,
i've been up there many a time. its beautiful. BUT it burnt down. and all there is is the remains. most of it is still standing but it is very unsafe to go in. my friends bothers friend has a house near there and says that suposibly mountian lions live in there but i dont know. i would love to find more history about this. my email is
November 13, 2008
The layout for this mountain looks pretty good. Can you hike and ski? Is there enough natural snowfall in the area?
November 13, 2008
Hey Eric
Its Dalek well heres the thing you can hike there maybe but i wouldnt advise it going alone. however the laural mountain hiking trail is maybe a couple miles up the road. and Kooser state park is across the road. i highly doubt you can ski there because its really over grown. you might be able to cross country but im not that sure there is alot of places to go. you would be better off going to hidden valley which is a mile up the road.
November 14, 2008
hey everyone i was just up there yesterday i took a couple pictures and i'll try to post them but i dont think i can. most of it burnt down though...
gordon Robertson
December 3, 2008
eric, the years I worked there the snow was really bad. I would bet that the lack of snow was a big part of the failure.
December 19, 2008
Don't go by the above picture from the satellite. That is an old picture. I walked up the slopes from the bottom of the hill and didnt realize I had walked up a ski slope. It is that grown in. Besides, they just logged out the entire bottom side so what used to be the bottom of the slopes where the lift was is all gone now.
April 4, 2009
Ad from 1969 Ski Atlas on
December 13, 2009
Actually, the MAIN reason they went under was a lack of snow for the first two years. The bottom of the slope abutted my dad & uncles property-We have had 2 cabins on Sheaffer Run Rd. since the early 50's. When they closed we used the chalet as cool place to take girls (was in my late teens) and would bobsled and sled ride the slopes for years after the place closed. IF they would have made it, they would have outclassed Hidden Valley and given 7 Springs a run for their money, as at that time both HV and 7S were no bigger than PDM.
Douglas Hoehn
August 15, 2010
I still remember small wooden radside signs, from the 60's? that said, "Ski Plateau De Mont". In 1977 I moved to Stahl Road, next to Plateau De Mont. I cleared the tram roads through the big woods that came out near Plateau De Mont. I had my own private cross country trail that was several miles long. Sometimes, I would take my faithful lab, Greta, with me. She loved the snow as much as we did. There was one "low bridge" natural vegetation archway that seemed like a gateway to the lost ski area world. You then went through a small woods, then raced across an opening to the top of the ski runs. You didn't want Steve to see you. He owned and lived in the lodge and he discouraged visits, even me. You could see the concrete ski lift structure at the bottom. These slopes were true North facing and snow was a sure thing if there was any snow at all. At that time, it was growing in from the edges but still enough open to Telly Ski to the bottom. Then side step back up, manually packing the slope; ready for tommorow's ski/ Tellyho. The runs to the right were not designed Fall Line, but would keep tuning back into the hill. Back the way I came for a short couple hours of the best winter fun to be had. Usually each winter in the Laurel Highlands was great winters, but some years had a winter thaw. Then it was Seven Springs or Hidden Valley Alpine until the base was built up again. Snowmaking was pretty crude back then, but Herman DuPre of Seven Springs was really a pioneer. There was a popular bumper sticker and greeting, "Think Snow". Another popular saying in expressing how good a skier was , He (She) is "neat-of-foot." or if the base was down, "need-a-foot". When Hank Parke had Hidden Valley cross country, part of the 50km was a trail to North woods; you could turn up another trail that took you to the top of Plateau De Mont mountain, Greenbrier Trail. If you knew where to turn, you could bushwack in to Plateau De Mont. You had to sneak around the lodge from the left. I remember showing Zerick Cook the passage, but by 1993, the trail had grown in with young tree whips. Those were the days, boys and girls, when you had time to sneak out for a couple hours of skiing every day. In the meantime "Think Snow". we "Need-a-foot"
October 9, 2010
I live about a mile from the plateau on stahl road, I used to 4 wheel up there untill they kicked me off. I know a lot about the history of the plateau and I often take walks up there now. If it used to stand 200 feet then there's a lot of floors missing, I've seen 2 floors and there was a basement which I haven't been in. A lot of people hunt pheasant and turkey up there now. The plateau is rundown piece of junk and I know that one of the previous owners tried to burn it down. I know that if anyone wants to go up there and take a look at it, that's fine as long as you don't get hurt and don't destroy property.
Hidden Valley home owner
October 27, 2010
I thought the owner didnt like people going over there so Ive stayed away. Altho I think I might go walking up there some time in the spring.
Hidden Valley home owner
October 31, 2010
Hey, did you know Hidden valley has ghost runs (abandoned runs).
November 1, 2010
Yeah... Charger. LOLOLOLOL
But seriously, of you know of other examples, please list them in the "lost parts of open areas" threads in the "Lost Ski Area Discussions" subforum. I know I can't think of anything that hasn't been thoroughly reused or renamed for the past 30 years.
November 1, 2010
Several trees have been added to the slopes this year, making for some of the most challenging glade skiing in the Mid Atlantic.

Lift prices have been eliminated, providing a true bargain. But be warned, this is a true "skiers mountain" that even goes beyond Blue Knob and Laurel Mountain with it's rustic facilities.
Current owners are not good business people, and are known to shoot at visitors. Other than that a wonderful place to take the entire family for a day on the slopes.
Hidden Valley home owner
November 1, 2010
No charger is NOT a ghost run. YOU are thinking of the wrong side of the mountain. If I remember corectly it was open for acouple of seasons. Before it was a ski run it was a tow line
Hidden Valley home owner
November 1, 2010
PS-Im sure you have seen it but didnt realize it. HV also has one other abandoned. Also Foster I like your post above about Plateau De Mount.:)
Hidden Valley home owner
November 1, 2010
PSS-I dont think they ever gave it a name. Im trying not to give its location because I like having runs all to myself! but allot of other people besides me ski on it.
November 14, 2010
If anyone wants to take a hike up there, I advise you to be careful, I killed 4 PA Rattlesnakes up there and one of em was right behind me ready to strike. The Plateau De Mount is a great place, I personally had a chilling experience with the ghost in there. If you didn't know its haunted now you do if your up there and you happen to be back towards the wine cellar i advise you to get out because you'll hear some of the most gruesome noises possible. But other than that its great, I go Pheasant huntin up there behind the lodge near the slopes I have a makeshift campsite up there and its great for pheasant
Hidden Valley home owner
November 15, 2010
joel what exactly did u hear in the lodge? im am very interested in this. I have heard other stories about demount and its ghosts. also wheres a good place 2 park your car so u dont get fined 4 trespoasing?
hidden valley home owner
November 30, 2010
I drove up their over the weekend and it was amazing! I didnt stop and park but that lodge is huge considering how big the ski area was and those chimneys are so tall. Would love to walk around up their someday
pa bc skier
January 2, 2011
Great thread!
A few years ago I discovered this place marked on an old map and had to check it out. Parked my car at the top and went in on my telemark ski gear. That year we had about a foot and a half on the ground and it was great skiing!
Glades up top open up wide on the steepest bottom sections. Went back once more and found a threatening note on the windshield of my car. Haven't gone back since but some folks ski over from the North Woods area to avoid parking at the top.
I went into the old lodge and loved it. No ghost experience, just dissapointment that it has deteriorated so badly.
I want to buy it and turn it into a nordic center!
June 2, 2011
I can help anyone that is interested in seeing the building and any and all questions I own property directly under it when the lifts where removed they used my road to get to the base the best spot to park is on Shaffer run road and if asked by a local you are fishing or hiking and lost the laurel trail note there are 4 wild dogs that will chase and bite you. And the roumor of bears is bull Ive seen one bear in 24 years any questions I'll be happy to answer also have pics of then and now... please label att de mount
June 2, 2011
I can help anyone that is interested in seeing the building and any and all questions I own property directly under it when the lifts where removed they used my road to get to the base the best spot to park is on Shaffer run road and if asked by a local you are fishing or hiking and lost the laurel trail note there are 4 wild dogs that will chase and bite you. And the roumor of bears is bull Ive seen one bear in 24 years any questions I'll be happy to answer also have pics of then and now... please label att de mount
June 13, 2011
fred do you have the location of the other ski resorts in the area i would like to get somee photos of the other areas
June 13, 2011
Fred my email is
marcia s
June 28, 2011
I would love to see any pictures of the lodge when it was first built
September 2, 2011
aerial photo
Brandon pav
October 17, 2011
True skiier mountain my ass I've been there more times that I can count never in the winter tho but the main lift line def looks wide enough for boarders to rip down also I have plenty of pictures of plataeu concrete footers for the lift pics of all runs the lodge the lake even a water mocosin with a blue gill in it's mouth swimming threw the pond also if anyone would like to see it I always love hiking up there and would love to show this hidden gem to anybody interested please fell free to email me
October 22, 2011
My grandfather bought A house near the plateau de mount in the early 80's and I have been going up since I was very young. Growing up I have always interested in it's history. I was wondering If anyone has photos of the lodge and ski area when it was up and running I would appreciate it if they could send them to me. is my email
Brandon pav
February 13, 2012
Been waitin all year for big snow to finally come to hike this place and it came over the weekend so me and my friend hit it yesterday and it was great I recomend hiking no lift tickets and nothing but woods runs WARNInG the quad paths tht used to be a run is preety rocky so try and stay off main quad trail second one on the left looking up the hill happy shreading
DCSki Reader
March 12, 2012
Tanglwood ski area is closed and is in need of repair.
Stephanie Kosko
March 30, 2012
We were in on the ground floor, in 1962 I met Steve Upor, Phyllis & LaVerne in a covered wagon at the Allegheny County Fair. They were drumming up interest in the development. We bought a lot, spent fabulous times there, but stayed at the Oak Hurst Tea room while development was going on. Sadly, never built on it. Later took my parents & stayed in the tentels,, had canoe's, horses, fishing, & great meals cooked in the little house at the corner of Stahl Rd.. & Dumont, the first road up to the lodge. (Not a skier, roads were impassable in the winter). Watched The Smothers Brothers Show in Phyllis cabin, it's still there. Steve married Sandy Weyant, she was with my brother at Duquesne U, but they divorced. Phyllis moved to Florida, after Chancellor Litchfield was killed in a plane crash, he was one of the biggest investors, that $ dried up.That is really why the place folded. Steve ran 3 nursing homes in Somerset, but haven't been able to contact him for a while. Would love to see some pictures of "The Lodge Ghost", there was some fabulous food available back in the day. Sad it is gone. Yes,he protected that place with mean dogs & firearms. Contact me
Sascha Yergin
August 22, 2012
I used to live below the main house in what was originally the bathhouse next to the smaller pond. Steve was a little nuts, but what do you expect from a survivor of the nazi concentration camps. I grew up with his dogs, they were Hungarian Shephards.. great dogs. We had moved away from there in 86 or 87 and the last I heard was that his ex wife won all the property in litigation and all Steve retained was the Stahl house where I think he still lives. Shortly after the suit was settled, there was a mysterious fire that pretty much destroyed the place. All the talk of ghosts is ridiculous. I lived in the main house off and on for years and was a regular visitor afterwards. The only thing you had to watch out for in the building was bats.
September 9, 2012
Steve Upor
Easy Living Management Corp

i found it that it is going to be mined by new ent soon.

Also took a trip there today and within 45 seconds had a car there on us.

everything is gone! the club house is there whats left of it.burned
October 6, 2012
Plateau de mount has been demolished but still is a beautiful sight property ownership has changed and they dont mind if you pass through but don hang around looking. From what i understand it will not be mined but instead did have a select cut because there is a possibility of someone build another small resort there. Snowtubing and winter Activities as long with summer activities. Time will tell also heard housing was going in. My best guess would be stick to the trail because this is a family's property amd the lady who owns it is a lawyer on the side. The people across the street do not own it
February 9, 2013
Also - there were never any bears or ghosts. Fred from Donegal: You are full of it, fella. You don't know this particular area at all!

I know. I live here.
February 9, 2013
This entire area is Private Property. Please do not tresspass onto Private Property. There is nothing to see anymore - no lodge, no slope, no nothing.
A hidden valley local
February 9, 2013
What are you talking about? Yes the main part of the lodge did burn down but a major portion of it is still their. There is also a small maintnance hut and one concrete lift tower. Also there are still a couple of narrow cuts where the slopes use to be. They arent long but have a decent pitch.
A hidden valley local
February 9, 2013
Anonymous, are you the angry owner whom ive heard of?
Brandon pav
February 12, 2013
Has anybody made any turns this.year havent been able to make it up there sadly and the rumors r they r making big mansions on the top so all will be lost soon
A hidden valley local
February 13, 2013
There are mansions being built on the mountain but they are nowhere near the ski area.
February 18, 2013
I would like to talk to Steven about the day we talked in the "Saddle Shop" in Pgh. when president Kennedy was shot. That was comforting and I remembered the kindness when I visited Hungary years later.

I made friends in Zalaegerzed when I studied with Peter Scabolcs and feel an afinity for the people there.

. It would be wonderful to talk with you again.
Shaffer Run Resident
April 12, 2013
With respect to the owner of the Plateau, I'd ask that no one under any circumstances trespass on the property. It's dangerous, and we've had a lot of problems with ATVers and Snowmobilers up here in recent years. The trails are off limits to anyone.
April 29, 2013
My family has lived in these mountains for almost 200 years and some of those old home foundations people refer to would be my ancestors. I've been to the old Shawley Cemetery (or Indian Burial Ground) many times and yet I have NEVER been back to this old ski resort. But you can see it on this map.
Plateau De Mont
August 18, 2013
The lodge did not burn. It was torn down because of trespassers. It is private property and so is the pond in front of it. There is no need to ride your fourwheeler there either. The police do watch the area. Let that please be a warning. NO TRESPASSING! !
August 18, 2013
I am a property owner of one of the original plattes. The ponds ARE OPEN to all Plateau property owners and their guests. I hold documentation to confirm this. Several property owners have tried through the years to claim MUCH MORE than what they own--even blocked roads in voilation of the law hoping that no one knew or cared enough to challenge them. The police will NEVER patrol up there. When the "caretaker" of the stables property was a PA state police dispatcher, they might stop up to see him, but that was about it. There are no laws against riding four-wheelers on ANY of the roads on the original platte (the maps above show them). I, too, would prefer not to hear the sound of revving engines flying around but these folks have the right to use the public-private roads. Don't lie about it! It is a beautiful area and property rights should be respected, but those who want to threaten people not to enjoy the beauty are flat-out wrong and selfish. I might even suggest that the lodge owner probably doesn't have the right to refuse people to drive on the ski lodge driveway as it, too, was a public road (listed on the original platte). As I understand it, she owns the six acres around the lodge and including the lodge but the roads and the lakes are not that owner's exclusively. I and my guests will fish there ANY TIME we choose or skip rocks or pick the blueberries that grow on the banks, etc. This place is truly a treasure and individual owners have no right to exclude others from enjoying it. PLEASE DO obey the no trespassing signs and respect the folks who own property but please feel free to visit the public areas and enjoy the beauty. The Laurel Mountains R-O-C-K!
Another original owner
August 23, 2013
My family owns two of the original lots. We too have the documentation that shows we and our guests are allowed unrestricted use of the roads and the ponds. And we too have been "rudely confronted" by a caretaker. We rudely confronted them right back and informed them of the manner in which the original deeds were written. Haven't had a problem since.

We never had any problem for all the time that Steve still owned the lodge and the ground around it. Which actually was until just about two years ago. The Rogal family out of Pittsburgh - the same people who bought the horse stables years ago plus a lot of land up around there now own the old lodge area. Mr. Rogal, the father, died around 3-4 years ago and I believe Mrs. Rogal died within about another year. The last I looked at the Somerset County online real estate info, a Rogal Family Trust owns everything now.

I've been going up there for almost 50 years now. I've never seen a bear. To my knowledge there were never any deaths, wild animals, or ghosts in the ski lodge.

The area has always been a private resort. The roads are not public roads, are not maintained or cleared by Jefferson Twp. or Somerset County. So in that sense, unless you own property in there, you should NOT be in there.

As with any second home community, strangers are always looked at warily. Due to people worrying about break-ins. Sorry, but that is just a part of life.

I will say this, the public parks have been so vastly improved nowadays that no one should ever not be able to enjoy the Laurel Highlands. Have you visited Laurel Hill State Park lately? Fabulous improvements. A great boat/canoe rental program. Ranger talks for kids. All hiking trails groomed, mapped and rated for difficulty with maps available from the Park Rangers. And the beach is really nice too.

Unfortunately the Kooser Park swimming area is polluted again, so it is closed. Too much algae from too much runoff the Ranger says. He says next year the State will fix the problem. Fishing still allowed there and they say you can eat the fish, but I wouldn't.
Another original owner
August 23, 2013
About Steve: I am told that he is still alive - he has to be well into his 80's by now - and is still living in the Stahl Road house.

A charming man. Quite the individualist. Ahead of his time. He was the architect of the ski lodge and the tentels. Also of Phyllis's cabin (long owned by a Pittsburgh family). (He was never married to either Laverne or Phyllis, by the way.)

A Steve story: Phyllis's magnificent cabin is being built. Radical architecture (for its time). Local carpenters working furiously under Steve's daily supervision. One day my father and my grandfather (who happened to be a retired carpenter) stopped by to visit the construction site. Grandad was talking to one of the job carpenters, saying that it looked like a "real challenging job". The guy answered something like, "Oh, ain't seen nothing yet." Standing in the living room area, gazing up at the exposed wood cathedral ceiling of this tall, unique A-frame structure and the open loft above, Grandad asked "What do you mean?" The carpenter replied, "Look at these plans. See any stairway?"

Ummm...turns out the architecht had failed to include any access whatsoever to the upstairs sleeping loft. And none of the carpenters wanted to point it out to Steve. They were just continuing with their work, waiting for him to discover it.

But you had to love the guy!
March 7, 2015
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I started to skiing in the sixties in France when we came back from Africa where my family used to live. In 1968 I had been jobless in Montreal and one day I've stumbled across a newspaper with classified jobs advertisements and I detected one offer: Somebody was searching a ski teacher for his resort in the US. I answered immediately, but notified first: that my English was something like basic and secondly: that I was not a ski teacher and that I was looking for a job like slope man or whatever. He answered me, "You are French, so you will be our ski teacher!" (I guess because the French got a lot of medals during the Olympic games held in 1968!)

Anyway, at Christmas night I went by Greyhound bus from Montreal to Pittsburgh, and Steve picked me up, accompanied by a young lady (Sandy?)

The first night I slept on the stage in the big hall restaurant, then in a barrack down in the forest. Not the A-frame hut. I slept very well, but the third night, Steve gave me a carbine M1 and something like a western Colt. After that my good and peaceful sleep had been gone!

When I saw the ski resort, I could not believe it! One double chair cabin and right and left several very short trails. Classified from easy till very difficult. For me they looked all same without any difficulties. I was consternated. But Steve was very proud of it.

Steve was somebody with vision. The building he constructed was in fact astonishing (Steve: "Best in the world!"). He was also thinking about a snow making machine ("the water is there, look the pond") and he was absolutely convinced of his idea that the future of skiing will be "the short skis". He had already a lot of short Skis to rent. Today skis are shorter, indeed, but not that short. Moreover I remember one lovely old man who was managing at the chair cabin but unfortunately I could not understand him well.

Steve's food was wonderful. Many years after, I tried in other places to eat his masterpiece again: the "Beef Stroganoff", but it never had been as good as Steve's Stroganoff, in fact the "best in the world!" There was also a nice and extremely efficient lady working in the kitchen. She was a good rider, too, she told me that she was riding in Brazil many years before. I cannot remember her name but both, she and Steve, had in my eyes, a quite complicated relationship which I never understood, same regarding with Sandy by the way.

I stayed from end of 1968 till March 69 and there was almost no snow at all. Snowing did happen only during my first day and for my very last day only. And on the first day a child broke his leg and just on my last day it was the same with a lady.

No snow? So I could try the American dream how to get a millionaire by washing dishes. So I had to help in the kitchen, I did not become a millionaire but I got enough money to fly back home.

No snow? No problem, Steve had a horse stable and if not skiing so we could go riding (Steve: "best horses in the world!"). For me for the first and the last time.

Steve was sometimes very choleric, for nothing. He made me speechless. But he could be very generous and funny. To see a movie, the three of us (with the lady cook) started in his 2 seats Volvo (Steve "Best car in the world") and we drove more than 100 km to see a spaghetti western. For me, that was the American way of life!

Time passes, this year I will be 70 years old, but I can say my time in Plateau du Mont was more than interesting. And I was really shocked to read that the area is closed after a fire damage.

(How can here I post some pictures?)

Blue Don 1982 - DCSki Supporter 
July 20, 2015
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August 26, 2015 (edited August 26, 2015)
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So what are they going to do with the heap of scrap that remains?  That just further declines the appearance of this location.  I wonder if somerset county would be willing to put something up there to signify the historical nature and clear the scrap.

We actually drove through this area just recently as from time to time we like to find areas to checkout with the kids. Our dream is to own a cabin somewhere near 7Springs, or really anywhere within quick driving distance to the resorts while enjoying the mountains and all they have to offer.  As we always find ourselves being impacted financially by surprises, part of the fun really is driving and discovering yet another seemingly non-existent road that leads somewhere...knowing that we may never find ourselves owning a piece of these wonderful areas.

The first thing I noticed was the portion of the old lift.  I was excited, the wife asked 'but where did they ski here, it seems flat.   The 'road' is all but gone there around the lodge.  If you look on GPS it exists but is otherwise a field.  I stopped near the lodge and notice what I could see was glass placed on the 'road' in various places.  I picked up several pieces and tossed them toward the lodge.  They seemed a distance away from the ldoge and almost intentional. After reading this thread, I'm starting to believe it was.  I'm also starting to think I need to keep a more keen eye open for people when I drive around.  I definetely had a sense that there was something a bit off about this little old area.   Right down the road there are large 'cabins' being built with no one ever in them.   I would love to think that someone would try and bring some more modest development here and try to rekindle some of that mini resort spirit long lost.    

As for the ponds, they were very dark when we visited.  I doubt it houses fish of any quantity but may be wrong.

I did not notice 'no tresspassing' signs of any kind.  I do want to stress that I felt like we were being watched but nobody was in sight.  

January 9, 2017
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Jacques (frenchkiss) was kind enough to share two photographs from his post above.

They can be found here.


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