Bear Rocks

Near Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

Kevin Shearer reports that the Bear Rocks ski area used to be located off of Route 31, a few miles east of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

Robert Williams adds these memories of Bear Rocks:

Robert provides this link to a TerraServer image.

Tim Thomas, who lives nearby the old site of Ski Bear Rocks, provided this copy of an old newspaper advertisement. The ad was originally published in The Pittsburgh Press on November 7, 1965.
A ski patch from Bear Rocks. Photo provided by Woody Bousquet.

Reader Comments

fred from donegal
January 30, 2005
i remember watching the skiers come down the hill,using a telescope from the window in my mothers house in norvelt when i was a child. then sking there in high school. eventually lived in the house on the corner of ski slope and snowshoe.i have skied all over pa a nd vermont, the lodge at bearocks was the most prettiest lodge i was ever in. my wife and i would run on the slopes after the area was closed. the lodge was eventually used as a resturant called nepenthay. irember the morning the lodge burnt, it was right around five in the morning andi was out walking my dog, i saw it lite up and i a few moments it was gone. my brother in law now has a house built on the main slope.
RobertW (Robert Williams)
March 14, 2005
Hi Fred. Any chance your brother-in-law would let some of us on his property to see the old ski slopes or take some pictures for us? Would be very currious if there were any remnants. Glad to see my memories of the beauty of the old lodge were just not old age :-).
Adam Heller
April 22, 2005
I wasn't here alive when the ski resorts burnt but to this day there are still signs of what once was. You can still see where the chimney was and all the paths and the original slope. The only bad part is there are "NO TRESPASSING" signs for some unknown reason all that is there is rocks, but just ignore them i did. If you don't know where it is come into bear rocks halfway up 3 mile hill, drive straight till you see ski slope road on the right once on that road go straight till you see a line of rocks and no trespassing signs and take a look around
Daniel Boggs
December 13, 2005
My older brother could tell you a lot more and although I was only 4 the year the last season the ski slopes were open (1972/3) I think I can answer most questions. My dad, Jim Boggs, was the foreman of the developer who built Bear Rocks resort and he was also the manager of the Ski Lodge from its second year. Robert Williams description is mostly correct. The First year of operation there was only one slope "Big Bear" and its adjoining trail "Skytop Trail" These two were rarely used after the main slope called "Main Street" and intermediate slope "Snowball" and the trail "Rocky's Run" and "Shortcut" were opened. These are the slopes Mr. Williams describes and there was a rope tow on the bottom of Main Street near the lodge. That was the beginers area and was called Beginers paradise. Although I have been on the property many times since I was a child I'm not quoting all these names from memory. I have the brochure in fron of me. Apparently a weekend ticket was $6.00. Actually I would be happy to post a a scan of the trail map but I'm not sure if that can be done here. There was only the one double lift with wooden seats. the rest were rope tows. When I was a boy we used to have to go twice a year and oil the cable on the tow until it was finally sold to a resort in vermont about 4 or 5 years after the lodge closed. The Lodge sat empty for years before it was sold and turned into the Nepenthe and people still used the slopes for sledding and snowmobiles and cross country skiing until the 1990's when houses were built on the main slope. The old slope "Big bear" though overgrown is still kinda open and I have skied down it. I'd be happy to answer questions or correspond about Bear Rocks and I'd love it if someone had some old pictures taken at the resort they could scan and send. you can email me at wexulringr@yahoo.
Karen Frank
July 11, 2006
I am closing on a house in Bear Rocks tomorrow. It'll be over an hour drive to work, but since I love the mountains, it'll be worth it to come home to such a peaceful, alpine setting. Were there houses prior to the ski resort? Or were there just the big rocks from which the area takes its name? I've published one local history book, and if Bear Rocks has enough of a past, I'd like to write one about it. Any info out there??
Denny Edwards
July 20, 2006
I built a two story chalet on Maple Road at Bear Rocks in 1968. Jim Boggs was in charge and did a fine job. I always enjoyed talking with him on the ski slopes. I married a girl from Florida in 1971 and we lived there until 1974. Jim and his crew pulled my wife out of many snowbanks during that time. (She had never driven on snow before.) Eventually, she got pretty good at handling her MG roadster through all of those steep and twisty roads. Heaven was falling asleep on a winter's night to the sound of the snow making machines.
August 3, 2006
Does anyone know the name of the Nepenthe Restaurant, before it was the Nepenthe Restaurant? A friend and I was talking about this and neither one of us knew the answer? Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
Bill Baker 316 Forest Road
September 22, 2006
My parents built our cabin on 316 Forest Road and we were one of the original families. The road is still called Forest Road but the site has changed. We spent all our summers either swimming or fishing. We have many memories growing up at Bear Rocks. I finally made it back after 40 years and boy has it changed. The original lake is all grown in with vegatation and the road that once led to the fishing lake is now blocked off. We were not into sking but if anyone would like to share there memories I can be reached at I'd would like to hear from anyone and share info.
DCSki Reader
January 4, 2007
Karen: There are no published histories on Bear Rocks. However, to answer your question, the real "Bear Rocks" is about a half mile from the intersection of Krienbrook Hill road and Bear Rocks road going east. It is a bunch of big rocks that have names of visitors etc. carved on them dating from the 1800's to the 1960's. Currently the property is owned by the Gezinski (sp?) family - 5 brothers cement - and is off limits/no trespassing. It used to be a popular picnic area for people from Mount Pleasant. The area that is now Bear Rocks Community was originally known as Southerwood. Initially, a local developer named Joe Breshkin built the "lake" and the lodge building - except for the lounge and pool which were added later - the Rock Pool swimming area, and some of the lapsided houses near the lodge. I think he is responsible for the name change. About 1960 Bob Pearlman of Scott Hamilton Realty from Pittsburgh came in and bought the development and additional properties (the seperate "plans") for which my father built all the roads, the Ski Lodge, the Horse Stable, the "new section recreation area" and the lake at Eastlake. So the current lodge and surrounding houses came first and other than the lakes, the lodge is the only public area that has not been sold to private individuals.
Linda: The Nepenthe was the only name the restaurant ever had. Before that it was the Ski Lodge
Daniel Boggs
January 4, 2007
Sorry, I Forgot to sign that last post - Dan
January 9, 2007
I lived on Forest Rd also between 1976-1979. I loved it there. However, our home was broke into when away one weekend, and everything was stolen. I still own 2 lots there on Forest Rd. I'm thinking of selling one, have no clue what the real estate value is there. My girls have fond memories also and the one has reunited with a girl who also lived there but since has moved. They used to have dinner theater at the community lodge, I found it a unique place.
Karen Frank
January 11, 2007
I found your posting fascinating!! I met a woman from the Dacey Realty who remembers renting out a few cabins ("owned by doctors and such") and they had to bring in supplies for the renters. I believe this was before it was developed as Bear Rocks. Another woman said the land was originally a large farm - the farm house still sits at the entrance to Bear Rocks. This is so interesting. I may get enoough to write a short history. THANKS!
Karen Frank
January 11, 2007
Does anyone else have any information about the history of Bear Rocks?
Dan: do you still live the area?
January 19, 2007
I lived there my teen years....
Remember arron fruhauff? i forget how to spell there last name...adam,wesly....the cramer"s Michelle and kim....Melody o 'dell.....Oh desiree johnson.....The Rutliges...candy and her brother....the koontz's...eddie and a sister and another brother....dawn webster my best friend....she had a brother also....ronnie who passed was absolutly a doll, good person....haven't forgot him.....there was also a tall boy who hung out with arron...johnny or curley hair and the bluest eyes....tia bently nice girl....the drum player? my sisters friend adam wirdzick or something.....we all rode the bus to connelville to go to school.......I used to know that mountain like the back of my hand.....walked every where even at night when you couldn't see your hand in front of you.....It brings back memories .....The nicest person I met up there was Arron fruhauff..and sweeny or swickey..some girl who loved to ride horses....

Well if anyone remembers those people or your one of a message here....I'd like to see how lifes benn treating you after all these years....Bear Rocks was a fun place to live....

Daniel Boggs
January 20, 2007
Karen - My mother and brother still live in Bear Rocks and I visist about every other month. I would be happy to help with a history but there are some old timers who prolly know a lot more than me. I could find out. The original farm house is the old Fruhoff place where the Mahres live now, the only house next to the Lodge.
Jodie - Its good to remininiss! I knew everybody you mentioned and prolly met you too once or twice. :) I used to hang with adam's youger brother Wes Fruhoff when I was a little kid and with Ron Sandows brother bob (robert) as a teen - He is a professor at Lockhaven now and has a cool website. Kim and Michelle Cramer were my next door neighbors. Sadly Kim died at only 23.
Tracey Rodell
January 29, 2007
I lived in Bear Rocks when I was a kid. I think it was from 1975 to 1980. We lived on East Lake Road.

I remember how much I loved just walking around outside and how beautiful it was living there. I hung out with Erica and Renee Berry. I'd love to here how anyone from that time frame is doing.
February 1, 2007
I have very warm memories of learning to ski on Bear Rocks when I was a small child. We lived in McMurray, PA and my parents bought season passes for my 2 brothers, twin sister and myself every year. I was so young at the time that I didn't know exactly where Bear Rocks was I just knew we were close when we drove through the quaint town of Mt. Pleasant. During Dec., my Dad would slow the car down so we could take a good look at the live nativity scene in the center of town. Skis have changed so much since I was a liitle girl, my brother's would lace my sister's and my ski boots while we were still in the car so they could jump on the chair lift as soon as they got there. My sister broke her leg coming down main street one time..the good news was Dad took her to the hospital and let the rest of us continue skiing. It is nice to reminisce about those wonderful memories of Bear Rocks and see that other people have the same fondness.
Karen Frank
February 2, 2007
WOW! Lots of interest in this place! I've published one local history book, and I am excited about researching Bear Rocks now. I have another rather demanding fulltime job (plus an hour drive each way from Bear Rocks) so I'll have to squeeze it into my spare time. I will be trying to contact some of you to get started. Don't want all these wonderful memories you all have to be lost...
Daniel Boggs
February 15, 2007
Karen, (and everyone else, of course) you can email me at for info on Bear Rocks history.
Adam Wirdzek
February 26, 2007
Hello all-

I saw this site a few months back, before anyone really posted on it. Then my mom found it and saw my name referenced, so here I am posting! Danny and Jodi, I remember you both well (in fact, I have a few OLD photos from the old days), and have very fond memories of my years in Bear Rocks. I would love to connect with you guys, and anyone else out there. I'm thinking of starting a Bear Rocks blog page - not so much a current one, being that I live in Nashville, but one where folks like us can connect, upload old pictures, etc. Drop a line!
Bill Baker 316 Forest Road
March 20, 2007
Reading these messages really brings back great memories. My brother carl Weisdack was a Life Guard at the original Lake. The lake is the locations I learned how to swim from him. Neat stuff. I enjoy looking at this site to see if i recognize any long lost friends from my childhood. I remember fishing at the lake with my brother Ken and playing ping pong, playing bingo at the lodge or just playing pin ball. One neat memory i do have is one of the kids had a pet racoon. I always thought was really neat as a kid.
Karen Frank
April 9, 2007
To all:
I've definitely decided to write a local history on Bear Rocks, and thanks to Dan Boggs have already started my research. My email address is, and I would be delighted to hear from you personally. Adam, could I possibly see your old photos--perhaps scan them and send them? Initally, I want to focus on the "real" Bear Rocks up Bear Rocks Road as Dan noted, as well as any pre-ski resort history or memories. Also, I saw "Bear Rock School" listed as a historical location, but haven't tracked it down yet. Your recollections are important; much of the history will be oral...
Joyce Ormsby Meyer
April 22, 2007
For those of you interested in history of the area, I have some information. My grandfather, Joseph Garstick, was born in Mt. Pleasant in 1884 on Bear Rock farm. His parents were Andrew and Mary Garstick. He had six brothers, three of whom stayed in the area: Peter, Walter, and Anthony. There is a question about a name change to (or from) Garstecki. Joseph Garstick attended Bear Rock School in the 1880's (I believe a one-room school house.) He at first studied at the Benedictine Abbey to be a priest, but ended up leaving and becoming a docotor at Northwestern University's McCormick Medical COllege in Chicago. I grew up in Warren, Ohio, but have never visited the area sicne my grandfather died in 1958 when I was 6 years old. I'm still trying to find out information on the area if anyone would like to contact me at
Bill Baker 316 Forest Road
May 4, 2007
If anyone remembers the following families let me know. The Blasko's who lived on forest road, The Damish family who live at the first house on the left just as you passed the lodge on Big Springs Road,the Fundays who lived on Rocky Ridge Road, and the Badastones who live on Big Spring Road.
Yvonne Federowicz
May 4, 2007
Hi, I think that I remember the Blaskos. Didn't they have a daughter who was in her teens in the 1980s? I'm trying to remember her name. My grandmother was Marie McDonald on Rocky Ridge Road (friends with Edith Replogle and active in the BRCC); Renee Campbell was a friend of mine. My brother Alex was friends with Aaron Fruehoff, Farli Kalp, and a bunch of other folks. We went up to Bear Rocks on weekends from Pittsburgh a lot, many good memories. No skiing but we always wanted it to reopen! I guess Seven Springs had better snow. I went to Nepenthe several times. I'm out in R.I. now.
Yvonne Federowicz
May 4, 2007
Hi, I think that I remember the Blaskos. Didn't they have a daughter who was in her teens in the 1980s? I'm trying to remember her name. My grandmother was Marie McDonald on Rocky Ridge Road (friends with Edith Replogle and active in the BRCC); Renee Campbell was a friend of mine. My brother Alex was friends with Aaron Fruehoff, Farli Kalp, and a bunch of other folks. We went up to Bear Rocks on weekends from Pittsburgh a lot, many good memories. No skiing but we always wanted it to reopen! I guess Seven Springs had better snow. I went to Nepenthe several times. I'm out in R.I. now.
Tom Cindy
May 11, 2007
My husband and I have lived in Bear Rocks almost 4 yrs. now. I never realized it had so much history. We actually rent a house off of Mrs. Boggs. It is truly interesting to read all of your great memories. We take our children on walks through Bear Rocks all of the time. They love to pick the Black Berries! It really is an amazing place to raise kids. We absolutly love it.
Yvonne Federowicz
May 21, 2007
That's wonderful that there are kids picking blackberries up there still, I did that with my grandmother all the time in the 1970s and 80s (with our dog Laddie.) The ski slope had some nice blackberries too! Also up in the field near the fire station - tons of blackberries. Blackberry cobbler, mmmm! I have a "Bear Rocks Cookbook". Is the BRCC still active at all?
May 21, 2007
Hi, my name is Nadine and we used to have a place in Bear Rocks and do the skiing and the community center to swim. Does anyone have pictures. I would love to see them if you have. Do you remember the candy store. I loved it up there. Please send any picture(s) you have to Thanks. Nadine.
Nancy (Privett) Griffin
May 25, 2007
My name is Nancy and my family has had a place in Bear Rocks for over 40 years on Forest Road. When I was growing up in the 70's we would spend every weekend at Bear Rocks. I have so many memories there. In the winter, learning to ski on Bear Rocks ski slopes. In the summer, tennis, boating on the lake, pool parties, camp- outs just to name a few. Those are the best memories of my childhood!
Nancy (Privett) Griffin
May 28, 2007
Jodi, I also hung out with Erin Furehauf and his friend with the black curly hair, John Waite known as "Greaser" There was Jimbo Raymond and Tom Zielinski too. I was only there on the weekends though.
Don Privett
June 4, 2007
The memories of weekends at Bear Rocks are great ones. Our place on Forest Road is still in the family and enjoyed many weekends a year! We would arrive Friday night and by Saturday morning had the tank of the Honda 70 full of gas and ready to roll! There must have been 10 of us that road all weekend long... Honda 50's, 90's, mini bikes, 125's. Horse back riding was also a blast. So was swimming and running around the club house all weekend long. Anyone remember giving "mountain man" Sammy Greenwald money to walk into Mt. Pleasant to sneak us some cheap wine way back when?
Donald Boggs
July 16, 2007
Hi everyone, You have been talking with my younger brother Dan Boggs, So I thought I would add a few things. I have some of the history , pictures and a copy of the old trail map posted on our website,, if anyone is interested. My father Jim boggs ran the ski lodge and developed the place with Mr Pearlman, as Dan has stated. I learned to ski on the slopes at Bear Rocks and still take a run every once in awhile. I skied the last day open, March 28 1972. Spring skiing,sun was out, 45 degrees snow was melting fast.... It's good to see people are still interested!
Don Boggs
Donald Boggs
July 16, 2007
The date above should say 1973. Don
Robert Williams (RobertW)
July 18, 2007
Thanks Don for posting the brochure and lodge picture. I corresponded with your brother Dan a few years ago and he "corrected" many of my memories of BRR :-). Dan had what apparently is a later brochure with more trails and he sent me a scanned copy. I have searched high and low for pictures but have not found any. I really appreciate when you or others post them. My family were not homeowners, but we skied there regularly 1970-73. I didn't get to know any of the "locals", but I do remember meeting a girl who showed me some "secret rooms" in the lodge where you could sneak off to smoke cigarettes away from your parents! :-) Would sure love to see more old and current pictures if you have them as the old ski area site is posted. Too bad it never reopened. It was a nice location and setting.

July 24, 2007
Omg!!! This is to Jodie!!! I remember all the names you listed! I lived on horse shoe bend road and remember desiree and sandy crabtree was my best friend at the time. Mr. Pritts was one of my teachers... did you happen to live on a farm and hosted a field trip for our class???? Please get in touch if you are still around!!! My email is Wow!!!
July 24, 2007
Wow! Just finished reading all the entries. I remember picking blackberries and riding in the last seats of the bus to school - guess we thought we were cool lol. I remember gathering rocks with my brother , Ron and freezing my backside off waiting for the bus in the morning, and, what was up with selling wall sconces for a fundraiser for school? My God - I had to walk miles in my community to move 2 or three and I remember it was fall, windy, cold and gray lolol. Anyone remember Jimmy K, or Tony S. or Chris S or Sandy C? Brenda B? Melinda B?

Would love to hear from anyone -

Take care,
C. Lane
July 24, 2007
Wow! Just finished reading all the entries. I remember picking blackberries and riding in the last seats of the bus to school - guess we thought we were cool lol. I remember gathering rocks with my brother , Ron and freezing my backside off waiting for the bus in the morning, and, what was up with selling wall sconces for a fundraiser for school? My God - I had to walk miles in my community to move 2 or three and I remember it was fall, windy, cold and gray lolol. Anyone remember Jimmy K, or Tony S. or Chris S or Sandy C? Brenda B? Melinda B?

Would love to hear from anyone -

Take care,
C. Lane
July 24, 2007
Omg!!! This is to Jodie!!! I remember all the names you listed! I lived on horse shoe bend road and remember desiree and sandy crabtree was my best friend at the time. Mr. Pritts was one of my teachers... did you happen to live on a farm and hosted a field trip for our class???? Please get in touch if you are still around!!! My email is Wow!!!
Brent Mendel
August 2, 2007
Brent Mendel 1969 to 1976 I was thinking about Bear Rocks last night and did a search on the lodge for fun. I was happy to find this site, and to Don Privett I do remember sending Sammy to town for bottles - Boones Farm Tinkle Pink - I believe. I'll tell family and friends about this site and check back regularly. Amy is still in touch with Jane, sister to "the greaser". A bunch of us had a reunion of sorts a couple of years ago and it was one of the best trips of my life.
shawn miller
October 8, 2007
i actually still live in bear rocks been there since 1979 but my dads family has lived there sine 1961 they oned the a frame house on oakridge road. As far as answering your question Karen and Jodie Adam Wes and arron Frewhoff that is my family if you want to know more email me at
shawn miller
October 8, 2007
hey brent mendel i know you know my dad daniel miller and his friend tommy jones.
Renee Berry (Shroyer)
December 3, 2007
WOW. A friend sent me this article in an email and it just blew my mind. Hey Adam how have you been amd Jodie, I lost your number years ago. I am in the book look me up. Yes I am still in the area so is Erika. Yvonne, Tell your brother Alex hello and I remember Laddie and your grandmother , she was a wonderful woman. And Tracy, That was so long ago, it's nice to be remembered. I'd love to hear from my past contact me at
Adam Wirdzek
December 6, 2007
Hey all, It's so great to see folks connecting and reminiscing. I'm going to read through everyone's posts and add comments and memories. I have many photos from back in the day that I could scan and post to a website... More later!
Tom L.
January 7, 2008
I grew up in Greensburg/Latrobe, so I didn't know any of the Bear Rocks "local folks". I only visited a time or two, when our school's ski club had night-ski trips to Bear Rocks, probably sometime around 1970. I was in my early-to-mid teens then.

It was at Bear Rocks that I somehow first really "got it" about alpine first run just flying through ungroomed almost mystical experience. Oh, I'd been skiing for years by then, but I'd never really been able to FLY on skis the way I did that one night at Bear Rocks.

Since then I've gotten much older but along the way I've been lucky to ski around the world throughout New England, California, Colorado & Europe. I've even skiied up north of the Arctic Circle in Finland and down the side of a volcano in New Zealand. I'm still skiing now, at age 52.

And you know what? Whenever I dream at night about myself skiing, it's not about any of those other places. Nope. It's ALWAYS about that magical run at Bear Rocks. ONLY Bear Rocks.

That's why I web-searched for "Bear Rocks" now and found this wonderful site. Thank you, all of you, for that lifelong dream............!
Bob Sandow
January 18, 2008
What a blast from the past. I never knew this site existed but I've just eagerly finished reading all the posts. So many familiar names is astonishing. Anyway, I just wanted to scratch my name on the memory wall and ask if anyone could tell me more about my older brother Ron. He was six years older than me and I think his friends were everything to him. It would be great to hear from his friends (or any of mine for that matter). Great to see your posts Dan. Please feel free to drop me a line at
January 29, 2008
I moved in to Bear Rocks exactly one month ago, December 29, 2007. It's terrific to learn the history of this place! I'm a skiier, and a graphic designer by trade. The old brochures, newspaper ads for the slopes, etc. are exciting for me to see. If there are posters or any other materials to share about Bear Rocks, I'd love to see them. So far I've got a blue brochure, and a newspaper ad. My email is If there's ever a move to revitalize this area, count me in. I'm thrilled to be living here!!
Ginny (Schrock) Millar
January 29, 2008
Myself and 3 of my girlfriends began driving from Jeannette to Bear Rocks on the weekends in 1968. We decided it was a good place to look for guys! None of us knew the first thing about skiing. We certainly met some very interesting people. In addition to the main lodge at that time, there was an old garage (Mr. Boggs may remember this) with an apartment over it. This is where the members of the ski school and ski patrol stayed on the weekends. It was a real dive, but we loved going there with the guys and cooking up spaghetti and goulosh in the crummy kitchen! Here are a few names, Josef and Nancy (can't remember their last names, but she was cute as a button he was Austrian and they ran the ski school), Davy and Doug Marner, their parents had one of the first A'frames in the resort area and we all grouped there after skiing, John McGregor was an instructor there for years, I believe until about 1975-76. I married John McGregor! We had hours of fun there. The Rathskeller (spelling?) was a small bar in the lower level of the lodge and everyone would go there after skiing and dance to the music until it closed at 1:00 a.m. The used to have a torch-lit "parade" every year towards the end of the season. It was really beautiful. Each skier would hold two lit torches (one in each hand) held high over their heads. There would be about 20-30 skiers including all the instructors and ski patrol and we would (yes, I participated!) come down the face in a slow snow plow and do wide traverses like a ribbon. It was really beautiful. I believe Nancy and Josef left Bear Rocks and went to Seven Springs. Oh, yes, a lot of memories there.
Paul C.
February 1, 2008
I'm looking for older photos of Bear Rocks ski area. If you have some please send them to me at paulcline2002 at
Since I currently have a house on Mountainview Rd - across the street from the ski area - let me know if you want some photos of the current area and I'll try to get them. Getting back to the ponds right now might be an issue due to weather but we'll see what we can do. Thanks.
Again please forward me photos of the ski area - in operation (night and day ) would be great.
Paul C.
Carol Gehman Nickerson
February 5, 2008
DCSki Reader
February 13, 2008
Used to know quite a few people there over the years. As Kids, my sister Yvonne and I were blessed with a Grandmother, "Marie McDonald" who built a cottage up there @ 1971. We skied the Slope up there only one time. That was on the last day it was open, and it closed perminently that year. The Ski Slopes Had a main slope with chair-lift, two palma-lift slopes, and at least one easy trail, and a few rope tows. I have managed to preserve color slides of many old time events and people up there. We knew folks up there until around 1986, when I moved to R.I., I now reside with my Wife in Florida. Anyone that reads this may feel free to contact me just to chat about old times, or what ever...

All of Lifes Bessings to you All !

Alex & Laurie Federowicz
(352)293-2670 eastern time zone...
please don't call past 9:00 PM

PS: Hi Rene and Erica !
& a Special thanks to Yvonne for letting me know about this site !!!
February 19, 2008
This is a reply to Ginny (Schrock) Millar's reference to Josef and Nancy who ran the ski school at Bear Rocks. Their last name is Cabe, and they went on to be quite successful as owners of the Hidden Valley Ski School from the time Bear Rocks closed up until nine years ago when they sold the business to their children, Erich and Karen. Josef and Nancy now live and work part time at Park City, Utah where Josef still works 2-3 days a week as a ski instructor and Nancy is in administration at the resort.
Laurie Phelan Abel
February 26, 2008
My parents bought some land at Bear Rocks in 1972....they never built anything there....and as far as I know never paid any taxes on the land....?
I am trying to get my father's estate in order....I want to know exactly where the land was much he owes in back taxes...if there's any way to sell it etc??? Does anyone know who I can contact to find that our? Is ANY part of the resort still operating...the swimming pool ,restaurant etc? Is there a manafement company I could contact? I am interested in anything anyone knows about this....I live in Atlanta now , so it makes this more complicated....THANKS!
Nancy Griffin
February 26, 2008
This is in response to the last comment by Laurie. You can check the county web site for your property. The address is
Mark Fiano
April 11, 2008
Hello everyone. Just want to let everyone know that the community club now has a website up and running. I will be working as I get time on adding more content. If any of you have pictures or information to share please e-mail it to Also, if any of you are interested in buying Bear Rocks shirts, hats, etc... contact Barb Mull at 724-542-7269 or e-mail her at
chris rumbaugh
April 16, 2008
This is the Best Site Ever! How about the Rumbaugh brothers, Bob, Matt, Chris, and Sean. or the Sharbaughs? We ruled Bear Rocks from 1967 to 1982! Remember all of the sandlot football games, baseball games, basketball games? Drinking by the lake? Bingo and Movie night at the lodge? Remember the Westervelts, Emericks, or Pompers? It seemed like the only song on the jukebox in the downstairs of the lodge was "Smoke on the Water"! The 70s were the best! Brings back great memories. Our folks still live on Skytop Road. I plan to visit this site often for updates. Looking forward to hearing from many of you.
Dan an sheila miller
May 4, 2008
Looking to find brent mendel. We still live on kreinbrook hill.
Chris Adams
May 21, 2008
My wife ("Sam") and I moved to Bear Rocks in 1974. We lived in an A-frame house just over the crest of Greenbrier. (I don't remember how many lightning strikes took out our deep well water pump!) Edith Replogle was the real estate rep. from whom we bought our house.(The Sharbough's lived behind us...through the woods.:)

Both of our children, Katie and Doug were born at Latrobe Hosp. and had their first years in Bear Rocks before we moved in 1979 to Annapolis, MD.

I remember Jim Boggs, Marners, Waits, Freuhaufs (sp), Kinkaids, Butch, Denny, Joe, and so many others that I'm having a senior moment overload remembering.

It was during our years there that a bunch of us built the Bear Rocks fire station as part of the Bullskin Twp. Vol. Fire Dept. Our wives became "widows" as we all worked on it, but would bring us lunch breaks as we toiled. I remember plenty of freezing, snowy nights at a house chimney fires or a hay barn burning.

In the winter, we would build a fire at the top of the old ski slope and bunches of us meet with the children for sleding and tobogganing. A couple of the dads had snowmobiles to tow us all back to the top.

I remember having dinners at the Bear Rocks club house, the Nepenthe and Nino's at the bottom of 3-mile hill.

Hope all our old friends are well and that their children and grandchildren are enjoying life.

Bear Rocks was a wonderful time in our lives!
Chris Galloway
May 24, 2008
I grew up on Rock Pool Road and had the displeasure of being Bob Sandow's younger brother. Bob learned karate while I was growing up, and he was constantly practicing ninja moves on me.

Sledding on the old ski slopes was ridiculously fun, and spending summers swimming at the pool and fishing for Bluegill in the club pond was an ideal way to grow up.
Matt Rumbaugh
May 27, 2008
Just spent Memorial Day with my brothers back in Bear Rocks at My parents house on on Skytop Rd. They told me I had to look this site up. I have been laughing until I cried That having been said, You cannot claim to be a true Bear Rocker unless you personally can identify,or participated in at least 50% of the following:
1. Bar's "Cuda"
2. Brents 3-wheeler
3. The Flying "W"
4. Johnny's Trick Knee
5. "Mario Charrio"
6. The "Rocks"
7. Corning Cars from the tree top fort
8. Watched Mark Pomper fall from the tree top fort.
9. Saw Dave Kauffman drive his motorcycle into the lake.
10. Went sledding down Dogwood
11. Fought in the great crab apple war at the lodge lake on July 4th 1970.
12. Know who, Ugly, Stupid, and Sir Greatness are.
13. Went "Parking on the "New Roads".
14. Drove your mini bike up Greenbrier.
15. Played Football into the darkness at Pomper Field with a neon glow in the dark football Chiquita Banana football.
16. Know how to play Indian Ball.
17. Know what a Polish Cannon is.
18. Went to a beer blast at the Ski Lodge after it closed but before it became "Nepenthe"
19. Hot wired the ski slopes tow rope and went sledding/skipping school
20. Watched from the top of the ski slopes or helped in the Great Bicenntennial 4th of July 1976 Slag Dump Blast. And depending on your vantage point,witnessed, either Denny's Jeep going backwards down the ski slopes, or Mt. Pleasant's Finest in action!!

P.S. Dammit Brent! I told you to quit tossing ladyfingers out the window.
Bobv Rumbaugh
June 11, 2008
Nice list Matt, but I have to add a few!
21. Remember the tree in the middle of the intersection in front of Imrich's house?
22. What ever happened to Imrich's house?
23. The "Wayno"
24. How do you join the "Polar Bear Club" on the Memorial Day weekend?
25. Buzzy's Trail
26. What it meant to go to the "New Roads"

Keep adding! And Brent, did you ever cut that 'fro?
Barry Westervelt
June 29, 2008
WOW! This is hilarious! Nice list Matt! Can't forget Bear Rocks Cycle and Doug Marner or Calvin Hiles' mailbox! I'm sure the statute of limitations is in effect for that one! I remember the great Bicentennial Blast although many other events are a mite fuzzy.

I learned to ski on the original Big Bear slope when I was 6 (1964j. There was just a rope tow and a tiny homosote warming shack. We had lace-up boots, bear trap bindings and huge baskets on our poles. I lived full time there from 1967 to 1977 (9 to 19 years old)my folks are still there.

Anybody can contact me at
Ann Waite
July 13, 2008
We moved to Bear Rocks in 1973 and my mother Bea still lives there. I was just home for a visit and heard about this site in the bar last night. Jane and I went to Ohiopyle on Saturday and discovered a new swimming hole that has not become populated.

I have to admit that I am a true Bear Rocker because the list brings back many great memories.

My brother Greaser has moved south with his wife and family.
Alex Federowicz
July 13, 2008
Ok Matt I remember you and brothers well, but
you guys practicly invented the polish cannon, and they dont make coke cans like that now, but
soup cans will do... Kids look at me with a blank stare these days if I mention "Polish Cannon"... But most of them know how to build a pretty good Potato Gun !

Want to B.R.BS... feel free to e-mail me
Alex Federowicz
July 13, 2008
Hi Anne ! I remember you Jane & John "Greeser",
glad to hear your mom's still up on the Mountain !
Ohio Pile is still a blast, we go there with the folks, when we are in town

Best regards,
July 14, 2008
I think it might be time to really tell some stories from 1973 - 1987. Before I go to far I will test your worthiness with the following. Matt the list kills me, don't forget Greg (went phyco in the Marines)& the Brady family. Who could forget Jimmy Brady, Mark Pomper & Acid Andy G. I remember the time Chico & I where in the 69 CAMERO never mind what we were smokin / drinkin PBR's and spun dognuts in the mud during a Rumbaugh, Imerich & Shargaugh Sunday afternoon football game behind the BRCC only to stall out in the mud and be scared for my life that my last moments where with Chico.
July 14, 2008
John, how could you forget the Prior's Double Dark. A
July 14, 2008
I know who Ugly, Stupid and Sir Greatness are and I also know why Brent should have stopped throwing the ladyfingers out the window!

I also remember:
1.Brents 3-wheeler
2."Mario Charrio"
3.The "Rocks"
4.Corning Cars from the tree top fort
5.Went sledding down Dogwood
6.Know who, Ugly, Stupid, and Sir Greatness are.
7.Went "Parking on the "New Roads"
8.Drove your mini bike up Greenbrier.
9.Know how to play Indian Ball.
10.Know what a Polish Cannon is.

What great times!! Brent and I took our kids back for a visit a couple years ago. It's amazing how much Bear Rocks has changed, yet stayed the same!
Jay DeLacio
July 14, 2008
I remember about 90% of the names and "events" (as I now refer to them) at Bear Rocks. We lived on East Lake Road and had a path accross from our house that was 50 feet to the slopes. Partied many times at the top and bottom of the slopes with Mark Pomper, Danny Miller, Dale Westervelt, Barb Miller, Jane waite, Denny Lawler, Lynnie and my best fiends, Kim & Holli Moore and Sam and Scott Perri. I still drive through Bear Rocks every chance I get to bring back those memories. ie swimming in the lake at the club house, riding motorcycles like idiots, taking my parents car for joy rides when I was 13-14 years old(the road were privately owned back then so never got in trouble except when i wrecked the cars a couple times.) Have many other memories, most of which I can't talk about here. Oh well, live goes on but the good old days will be with me forever.
Jay DeLacio
July 14, 2008
Oh yea,

1. Knew Stupid, Ugly and Sir Greatness.
2. Saw Dave Kaufmann drive his bike into the lake(and many other things)
3. Went to the "New Roads" manny, many times.
4. Saw the "3-wheeler" send a few to the hospital.
5. Played in Pomper field.(Mark's brother turned me on to the Beatles)
6. Went to many Beer Blasts at the ski lodge(and any house where the parents were at the pool or out of town)
7. Went sledding down dogwood.

Now to add a few:
1. The County Store
2. Streaking
3. Rock Pond
4. Pin Ball and Ping Pong Ball in the basement of the lodge.
5. Skied at the "original" ski slopes which only had a tow rope from top to bottom. This was before the ski slopes with the lodge were opened.
July 16, 2008
Have any of you guys checked out Adam Fruehaufs Restaeraunt "The Furnace" The Regular web site for it is down, but I pulled out the archive, which is still active...

It's over on the other side of 711, in Laughlintown. Looks like a real nice place...
Any one been there lately ???
Sir Greatness
August 10, 2008
You guys are making my brain cells hurt.
How about these...

Matty & John Paul
Susie & Lynnie
Kathy DeLacio
Mark Blasko
Mark & Marybeth G
Chucky Sylak
Tommy Jones
Mike & Lynn
Ally Marrone

Glad to see that so many of us managed to survive to adulthood.
Kathy DeLacio
August 13, 2008
How about the Westervelts and the Perry clan? Also Matt and John Paul, cousins of Susie and Lynnie?

Wow, this is bringing back so many memories for me as my brother mentioned in his post above of 7-14-08.
Mark Fiano
August 22, 2008
For those of you that are still in the area this annual even will take place at the Donegal Highlands Golf Course. The cost is $60.00 per person and includes: 18 holes of golf, golf cart, steak dinner, hot dog and pop at the turn. Registration is at 12:30 p.m. with the golfing starting at 1:00 p.m. Please sign up in the lounge of the club or by calling Mary Lawrence at 724-547-3344. All money is due by September 7th. Teams will be drawn on Wednesday September 10th at 7 p.m. in the lounge. We would like to have as many people as possible to please invite a family member, friend, or neighbor to join in on the fun.
Bob Shogan
September 1, 2008
Only thing I could add to this is that my great grandparents, George and Susie Shogan once owned a part of Bear Rocks. They sold 109 acres to Katherine Breskin in 1947. Their house still is there on Bear Rocks Rd. It is the yellow house near the club house. My sister had her wedding recption there in 1976.
Nancy Griffin
September 7, 2008
Does anyone know who we can contact to get a cord of wood delivered to our place on Forest Rd.?
Ron Anders
September 17, 2008
Lived there in Bear Rocks as a kid. Really liked the place back in 76-77. I used a sled down the slope. Visited the old lodge before Napenthe restaurant (think it was the name) came in and took over. They always said that the ski slope was on the sunny side of the slope and so was always too icy for good skiing. Not sure about that. Anyway...will be trying to look into the place tommorrow...revisit some very old memories. I remember a Doug/Dave twin brothers and few other things....anyway....will check it all out.
Mark Fiano
October 27, 2008
If any of you are interested in buying Bear Rocks shirts, hats, sweatpants, etc... contact Barb Mull at 724-542-7269 or e-mail her at
Alex Federowicz
November 6, 2008
I was hoping you'd get @ to posting here ! Herd you were living in Tenn. & I'll try looking you up on myspace, my link there is:

Best Regards,
Alex Federowicz
November 6, 2008
Has anyone out there herd from Glen Scott "Buck",
Herb Scott's son, last time I saw him we had a few beers together out at the old dive, up on the hill,out past Leepers Market... He had a good Tech. position, in the U.S.A.F. at the time...
Alex Federowicz
November 7, 2008
Ok Bernie... I know that posting is really by you, because of the, "Pay Me to Keep Quiet Part"
L.O.L. :)

If I'm ever in Nashville, I'll stop in with a Bottle of good Southern Wiskey.... We can B.S. about the Gulf War, I was there too... Still have that Honda 200, My clunky old Hodaka is way long gone !
Jamie Henriquez
November 12, 2008
It's amazing how old friends can reunite. Small world. Always great to see especially old ski buddies!
November 19, 2008
see if u can figure out where this is haha -
November 19, 2008
idk it wont link rite just look up rebelrider77 on youtube and go to videos some are from the br
Dale Westervelt
November 26, 2008
Big brother--Sir Greatness--told me about this site. Learned to ski at the ripe age of TWO. We lived on Horseshoe Bend, and could ride the lift and ski home. Grew up playing football with the Rumbaughs, and Basketball with the Sharbaughs, and camping out behind the lake. These were great times indeed!
Nancy Cabe
November 27, 2008
I found this site because today I was shopping in Park City and found a t-shirt made by Bogner with the above advertisement on it. I could not believe my eyes!! Bear Rocks! What fun to find so many memories being shared. Josef and I arrived at Bear Rocks in 1966 and spent two seasons. We moved to Hidden Valley and left in 1998 for Utah and both work part-time at Deer Valley. Nancy & Josef
Sally Tauber
November 28, 2008
Annie Waite, last time that I saw you was when you were teaching in Potter County and I was going to school at Mansfield State and we went skiing at Denton Hill. Are you still in the Bear Rocks area?

How do I contact u?

I also live in Park City and just saw the Bogner t-shirt that Nancy is speaking of, it is an exact replica of the ad in the Pittsburgh Press for Bear Rocks Property and Resort and ran in 1965.
Randy Lyon
December 1, 2008
Hi there, everyone! I remember going with Mom and Dad to visit this new development, I guess back around 1965. Dad bought a lot and we never did anything with it. Sadly, Mom and Dad are now gone. Are there folks out there who might want a small piece of Bear Rocks? I don't even know if the lot is accessible anymore, since from all the postings, I can't tell if the surrounding land has been purchased or not. Please, if anyone is interested in helping answer my questions, I sure would appreciate it. I'll check back here from time to time, or you can email me at It would be good to find someone local who knows the place rather than sell to someone who doesn't understand.

Thanks a bunch.
Randy (I'm a girl) Lyon
annie waite
December 6, 2008
Sally, Nancy, Wow I am living near State College. Lynn ( my husband) and I are heading to Stowe on Friday. Will be at Winter Park and Summit County in March. Our oldest daughter is living in Denver.

I see Tim McBride skiing at Denton Hill up on Route 6.

Do you come to PA.?
contact me at
annie waite
December 6, 2008
Hey Denny, I've been sending you emails. Write back.
Sally Tauber
December 9, 2008
Hi Anne:

I would love to hear from Tim McBride and catch him up on what I am doing now. I come to PA every summer to visit my folks for a week or two. Not so much in the winter. We were in Beaver Creek all weekend. I am ski racing and I move around a lot.
Ann (Waite) Lauver
December 15, 2008

Please contact me.

I would love to get together with you this summer.
Dale Westervelt
January 1, 2009
Jay... if you remember pinball, you must remember that we could pick up the table and drop it... and get free games. We could also punch the score with our hand and get points/games. And ping pong for HOURS with enough perspiration to get us back down to our original weight... for me 6 pounds 7 ounces.

I also remember Jimmy Brady and I getting off the bus behind the lake (near the Country Store) and throwing rocks at each other (in a friendly game) until dark.

What a gas!
Dale Westervelt
January 1, 2009
Nancy Cabe,

You and Josef helped me learn to ski as a toddler. Many thanks, and great to see your entry!

Happy New Year all!
January 3, 2009
Whats it been, 35-40 years? Good to hear from you. I forgot about the pinball and ping pong until now, I'm sitting here laughing about it as I think about it. Because of those days I can still beat about 98% of the people I play in ping pong. Where you living these days?

Alex Federowicz
January 8, 2009
Hi Dale,
Remember "Buck" / Glen Scott & Herb ? I Know Buck went into the U.S.A.F. I think Herb must have passed , as that was all over 20 years ago...
Tim McBride
January 8, 2009
One of my patrollers at Ski Denton stopped me on the hill the other morning and said that my name was on this site. Some ladies were discussing Bear Rocks. Well Hello to Nancy and Joseph, Anne and Sally. Would love to hear from you. In the 60's and 70's that area including Bear Rocks was advertised as the "Ski Capital Of Pennsylvania". I'm still in the business and all my children have taught with me. I contacted Anne. I can be reached at Sally lets hear what you've been doing especially with adaptive. "No More Lost Ski Areas In PA."
Sharon (Kusinsky) Hayes
January 26, 2009
I learned to ski at Bear Rocks, and when I was in my early twenties, modeled some of the ski clothes from the store there. A photographer took pictures and blew them up to over sized posters. I could hardly go into the lodge because I was embarrassed to see my piture so big, and plastered all over the place. I moved on to Seven Springs to ski, but will always have fond memories of Bear Rocks.
I live in NC now and go to their slopes, which, are actually decent, but still not as good as Pa.
Dale Westervelt
February 5, 2009

Living in the West Valley of Phoenix AZ with wife of 12 years and our four little ones. Working for DC-based research firm, where I have spent most of the last 5 years traveling and teaching management and leadership to physician leaders and hospital executives. Life is good. We enjoy the desert. I prefer the Summers here (112 degrees with no humidity) to the Summers in DC (85 to 95 degrees and VERY humid).

Hope you are well.
Susan Caglia
February 16, 2009
Hi everyone! I'm currently the social chairperson on the board of directors at the Bear Rocks Community Club and I've been here full time since 91. My husband's family built our house on Rocky Ridge Rd. in 1969 as the family ski cabin. I think it would be great to get a visit at the club from anyone interested in Bear Rocks history. We have photos that we could bore you with for hours. If you'd like to contact me, my email is

In answer to one of the earlier posts, Herb Scott did pass away just a few years ago. There are just a handful of "old timers" left at the club. Speaking of which...why weren't you at the Board Brunch yesterday, Don Boggs? lol
Nancy Cabe
February 21, 2009
Hi Dale, I remember your family. Your mom worked for Helen Parke when we went to Hidden Valley. Your parents, the Marner family, Waite family - it was fun. Josef and I are now in Park City Utah - still skiing, Josef is teaching part time and I work in reservation office part time.
Ann (Waite) Lauver
February 23, 2009
Hi Nancy,

My family and I are still skiing. Our daughter, Abby, lives in Denver and we will be skiing Winter Park March 8-13. Do you ever ski in Colorad? We have never been to Park City but plan to visit there some day. Abby worked at park city so that has been are destination spot. My brother John has been to Park City and tells me he has run into to you. I have kept in touch with Tim Mcbride. Did you see his entry above? Say hi to Josef.

Annnie (Waite) Lauver
Ann (Waite) Lauver
February 23, 2009
Abby worked at Winter Park, CO
April 4, 2009
Ad on from 1969 Ski Atlas
May 4, 2009
Just learned about this website. I lived in Bear Rocks from 76-79. Got to revisit the old homestead in 2007 and it just wasn't the same. Paula Sharbaugh was my best friend. I went to school with John Waite, Kathy Pearson, the Sharbaugh twins...Remember Bill the bus driver? How did we ever get to school! I remember the Rumbaugh's, Freuhauf's, Koontz's...going to the lodge for movie night and being in the "Production of King Richard" Good memories I haven't thought of in a long time.
Adam Wirdzek
May 15, 2009
Hi Brenda,

What is your last name as I might remember it? I lived in Bear Rocks from 1976-86. Had a crush on Paula Sharbaugh and rode the bus with Bill. I was also heavily involved in the plays and such, and played drums with Gene Dacey for them. Memories!

Adam Wirdzek
Chris Beauregard
June 2, 2009
I bought a lot in Bear Rocks in 1971 havent been back since. How do I find out the location of my lot (address) since the resort does not exist anymore and all I have is lot ?
June 2, 2009
Hi Adam,

Just checked the site and saw your posting. My last name was Ball and we lived on Horseshoe Bend Rd.
Nancy Griffin
June 4, 2009
Try Fayette Property .org for help finding your lot.
jay rutledge
July 8, 2009
i grew up there i loved it there was best frieads with adam wes rich we ruled three mile hill with our two by four homemade racers also had to wash a school bus at the fruehaufs house because we egg it and my brother dave told bob i grew up with ron u and my brother were good buddies me adam wes rich and ron used to play alot of pranks on you guys i rember the song that was playing on rons radio that day of his death still rember came up three mile hill i was not far behind him
Yvonne Federowicz
July 16, 2009
I was a friend of Kathy Pearson, Brenda. Do you know how she is doing and where she is now? My grandmother was Marie McDonald up on Rocky Ridge Road.
Alex Federowicz
July 27, 2009
Jay Rutledge :) Hey Jay I remember you well, and last heard you were in the service. Adam Fruehauf may be a chef for the Melon family now, probably out at Rolloing Rock somewhere. He had a great resteraunt out at Laughlintown Pa. I think it's gone now, probably the $4.50-5.00 gas prices slowed his business down too much...
His Resteraunt, "The Furnace", can still be seen at:

I talked with Chef Shay MacDonald, a good friend of Adam's, who cooks at the Copper Cantina, he used to hang out with Adam at Adam's place, but even he can not reach Adam, so I think the end of The Furnace was pretty tough on him. Adam put a lot of love sweat and tears into that place, and it just wasn't right that it had to close. I hope you guys are doing well, and are happy. How's the rest of your family doing ?
My contact info is above on a November 6, 2008 posting. So scroll up a bit and you'll find it...

Best Regards,
John Breen
August 23, 2009
I have had a lot of fun reading this thread.

I had the pleasure of many days and nights at Bear Rocks with my friends Jim (who I grew up with in Aspinwall, PA) and Mary Lawrence (and of course, Sara). Since I have already confessed to who my friends are it will be of no surprise that there were many nights that I do not quite remember how (or when) I found my way to bed. One of the things about aging is that my memory gets worse and my discretion improves. I will never forget Annie and Jane and Bea Waite who when Mary Lawrence was added comprised a "critical mass" of Loonie-Toons. Of course, Chez Lawrence (the new one) is right at the top of what was the original ski trail back in the day. My most recent (and much too long ago) visit with the Bear Rocks crowd was when my wife Barbara and I went to Sara's wedding in Philly. When we got to the airport we found that our flight was canceled because both Picksburgh and Philly airports were closed by a blizzard so in true Bear Rocks tradition we said "to hell with the weather" and we drove to Philly - white knuckles all the way and we were forced to stop overnight in Reading. But we got there and (of course) a good time was had by all.

Good times, good friends.
Shannon Sweeney
September 2, 2009
My mom, Jane Sweeney (now Lacey) and I moved to BR in 1977. We lived in the "Murder House" on Alpine Rd. My family still owns a house there. (Though, nothing as cool as the "murder house".) My husband and I visit there regularly. I've kept in touch with Adam Wirdzek, Julie Zearley, Melanie Craddock, and The Lawrences. I've reconnected with many others on Facebook. If you'd like to contact me, please find me on Facebook!
Glenn Rollins
October 29, 2009
I am looking for a Bear Rocks ski patch. We used to sew them on our ski jacket. I would pay top dollar.
DCSki Reader
November 16, 2009
Hi Nancy Griffin :)

Remember you from as a little kid at Beula United Presb. Church. That is really great,that you kept the cottage in your family. As kids I and many others were always buzzin' around on dirt-bikes. I never knew you had one, or would have invited you alond for rides. I remember seeing you around a few times at the lodge & pool...

Best Regards,
Nancy Griffin
November 18, 2009
Hey Alex, I remember you from Beulah too! Actually my brother Don was the one who was buzzin around on the bike. I never learned how to ride. Wish I had though. I was lucky to be able to ride on the back of friends bikes!

December 18, 2009
Hi all. My fiance and I just bought a house on Greenbrier road. We are in our 20's and look forward to spending the rest of our lives in Bear Rocks. I grew up in Latrobe and we both have always wanted to move to the Bear Rocks Community. It has been wonderful reading about the history of Bear Rocks. We have been informed by our neighbors that our house was originally a ski cabin and the previous owners built additions to our home. According to the neighbors, additions have been a very common practice in our community. We are proud to be a part of such a beautiful and friendly community and we would love to know if anyone has any information about our house. We live at 121 Greenbrier Rd. Thanks, Michelle and Brian.
Charles ODell
January 19, 2010
I lived with my family on Horseshoe bend right at the top of the slopes, we could walk out our door and be on the slopes in 2 minutes, it was a great place to be as a child. We lived next door to Mark and mike deep. Growing up in Bear Rocks was nothin but great memories, i am in Florida now and miss the North a great deal. My sister is melanie O'Dell and Joseph is my brother. Melanie is still in the area of Mount Pleasant so I still get to visit yearly. I moved to bear rocks not long after the slopes stopped running but the lodge is beautiful, we would spend all day on that slope whenever it snowed, great memories!
Charles ODell
January 19, 2010
Just saw a post from jay Rutledge, awesome, we were good friends....we were so young though, all the names i am reading in these posts are so crazy, I haven't thought of or heard those names since i was the Fruhoff's, wow, all those kids were crazy!...Wes was a good buddy, but a year or two older I think. I had a huge crush on a girl named tracey Schaeffer, I believe that's the name anyway, she had a younger brother as well and a really nice family. bobby santos or sandow not sure anymore,was a great friend as well. man that bus ride to school sucked!!!!!
My email is or on facebook under my name.
good memories!
Don H.
January 29, 2010
My wife and I are looking for a place to buy in Bear Rocks. We have three young children and love the area. It would be a weekend place, and after reading all of these comments I want to buy it today! Sounds like a ton of great memories were had and I hope we can continue them. If anyone knows of a plot of land for sale in the Bear Rocks neighborhood let me know please.
Best Wishes

February 8, 2010
On of the neighbors from the community started a Bear Rocks Community Club page on Facebook.
February 16, 2010
Hi! We just moved to Bear Rocks and absolutely love it! It is an awesome place to live. We're looking forward to meeting some neighbors once the snow melts. I couldn't find the page on facebook.
February 22, 2010
Hey what up, i've come across this website because, well im currently laid off and looking up local history cause i have nothing better to do...haha. But im glad i did, it is very intersting to me because I am a Bear Rocks native.I've lived in the BRC since i was born in 87'. I liked reading all the old written memories of people who lived here 30 years ago and compare them to my experience i had growing up here, haha not much difference.My neighbor moved here from greensburg 2 years ago and loves it, "it's like camping all year round." he told me. Yeah i guess if your from the city it would be... but i know no other way, it's just normal to me i guess, haha. I'm looking to buy property or a house in the BRC or close by, maybe white or indian head. But i have a few videos of me and my buddies riding in bear rocks and some local places, if you want to check them out. You just have to search through them. "Hey! Ladies! That was fun! Well...Adios!"
Linda Pittner
March 3, 2010
My mom and dad have property (land, no structure) and would like to sell it. How do I go about putting it up for sale? I need to get additonal information on the land location and procedures to sell it. Can someone help? thanks
Lynne Fry
May 13, 2010
I lived there from the late 70's through the 80's. Looking back, they were great times. I miss the quiet, and real pine trees. The ones we have in FL are anemic in comparison. I lived on Bethann Rd, where the old ski lift used to circle around I've been told. I haven't been there in over 20 years, but I'll get back one day.
DCSki Reader
June 25, 2010
What "RAYTARD" failed to mention is the videos he refers to are of him and his friends with their cars, quads, and bikes terrorizing Bear Rocks. You can find his house easily (right off of Skytop) because there are several dozen black tire marks from burnouts. No one that lives around him has much peace and if he doesn't knock it off and grow up soon, all those videos will be turned over to the State Police. I wonder how impressed they'll be?
Don Boggs
August 16, 2010
It's always interesting catching up on the info flowing into this site, anyway alot of your questions can be answered at our web site,, or send me an email with your questions consering history, real estate, palt plans, perk tests, construction, property value, ski slope info, engineering inspections, etc.
Don Boggs
Gail M
August 30, 2010
Does anyone have any information on the possibility of a stone quarry being built near Bear Rocks. I have fallen in love with the area and want to buy a house but I am fearful of the noise and dirt that a quarry would involve. Thanks so much.
February 3, 2011
Hi Gail M. :)

Contact Julie / K.D. Weeks on Green Brier Rd.
They have been instrumental in helping stop destructive profiteering that perminently destroys the Aqua-Strata that bear well water. Often toxic waste is dumped into these strip-mines as (land-fill)if it ever happens there near B.R. all the wells will become highly toxic almost overnight, and that will be perminent...
I would guess that Don Boggs is a good resource too. Often when old farmers die, their greedy, lazy idiot, & money grubbing children race in to sell the land to strip-miners. I have driven past such sites decades later, and the toxic yellow-green ooz is still flowing along the road sides... Don Boggs could probably take you out for a photo session of this stuff. It makes undeniable evidence in court battles...

You may call me at (352)293-2670 EVENINGS TO CHAT A BOUT THIS /
February 3, 2011
Hi Gail :)

Look at the bear Rocks web site for board meetings... To fight this destructiuon of the land...

February 4, 2011
Agree that Bear Rocks is a neat place and had noticed real estate seems really cheap, but now beginning to understand why.
Jay D.
April 23, 2011
Happy 80th. Mrs. Moore. Wow-time flies!
April 25, 2011
We are seriously considering the purchase of a home in the Bear Rocks community. Are there any current residents that might be willing to provide information about current living circumstances in the community? I grew up in Johnstown, PA, and remember ads on the radio for the old Bear Rocks ski resort. I also thought I did some cross-country skiing near the actual rocks, but from the discussion here & on the site I'm beginning to think I am mistaken on that count.
DCSki Reader
May 26, 2011
We are working toward getting our house ready for sale. While the place is beautiful, I would highly recommend talking to the neighbors near whatever house you consider. There is virtually no police protection. The Uniontown state police cover our community and as you may know they are an hour away. Neighborhood bullies,drunks, etc. (and they're usually on golf carts, quads, bikes, etc.) pretty much do as they please with the knowledge that no one is around to stop them. I'd love to sell you our house right now!
Joe Forehan
June 30, 2011
I have lived in bear rocks since 88 to 2010. Grew up in there. I road my bike on all 21 mile of road. I have moved to Norvelt. I would love to move back to bear rocks.
July 5, 2011
DC Ski Reader - YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! My Dad was robbed last Wednesday (June 29). Jerks were keeping their stash in an abandoned house on Horseshoe Bend. Understanding they robbed 9 houses in the community.
July 6, 2011
I learned to ski at Bear Rocks in the late 60's. Does anyone know what search information would yield a google earth view of the old ski area? I would enjoy seeing what it looks like today. I have very good memories as a 10 year old skiing at this resort.
BR Local
July 6, 2011
The junkies have been arrested so crime should drop off at BR.

For mapping info goggle Bear Rocks, acme, PA maps (satellite).
July 27, 2011
I skied at Bear Rocks in late winter 72 or the 72-73 season after I was discharged from the USAF. Mostly I remember a girl I meet skiing there who was a nurse in the area...
August 11, 2011
I have recently moved into Bear Rocks and love the area, but I have a major problem with unleashed dogs while walking my dog, especially on Chestnut and Forest Roads. My dog has actually been attacked twice, but because of her thick fur, the skin was not broken. Are there any policies or laws regarding this? I do stay clear of these areas now, but that is not the long term answer.
August 22, 2011,716068&dq3911forbesavenuepittsburghpa&hlen

Bear Rocks ad from 1983.
August 23, 2011
My great grandfather owned a 150 acre farm in the area in the late 1800s and early 1900s(across the road from the original Bear Rocks) so I am most interested in history of the area. I would really love a copy of the trail map if anyone could share it electronically.

Thank you in advance,
November 2, 2011
Hi, I am the older sister of Don and Dan Boggs. First I want to address the person commenting about "greedy" heirs selling land/ not caring etc." I worked along side my father as he built/developed Bear Rocks Resort/Community. There are strict bylaws designed to keep Bear Rocks as a "Rustic Mountain developement ! These laws kept people from destroying the woodlands beauty by bulldozing the trees and planting grass,prevented alluminum and brick "city/modulars/trailers style housin" and preserved the tranquil setting that still exits today. No commercial buisness,s are allowed within the development. A business run out of a home pushes the law that is grandfathered and can be challenged in a court as court cases have set the presidence. We have been instrumental in keeping the beauty as it exits in Bear Rocks today. ! I'm not sure who worked for Dacey remembers renting cabins as Dacey herself being the senior in Dacey RE did not. She started working for Jim in the early 70's after the ski lodge/slopes closed.Dacey became furious,actually screaming uncontrollably in my face angry that i became a partner! Such a public display that should have been private prompted immediate dismissal. On a more pleasant comment...Does anyone remember the Motorcycle Motorcross trail races held at the horse stable grounds? And the powderpuff races? I can be reached at
DCSki Reader
November 21, 2011
The dogs on Forest are a pit bull mix and a german shepherd mix and are owned by Mark and Madonna Mullen. They are a constant problem and the police are very familar with them. The animal control officer, Gary Moore can be reached at 724 425 1825. If more people reported their incidents we would be able to walk safely through our beautiful community in no time at all. Mark is very loud, dim witted, and obnoxious but like most bullies he only knows bad words and backs down when confronted
November 22, 2011
jtm, Its a shame that people do not obey Pa's dog leash lawsno matter where one lives. You are very lucky you and your dog where not injured! When I take walks in beautiful Bear Rocks, I use a walking stick and carry plain water in a spray bottle. A spray in the face deters most dogs. I've been safe so far. There are choices to report offenders: No-Kill rescue organizations work with Pa laws. There are several in the area: in Donegal,,etc. Animal control will pick up an animal,perhaps fine an owner if the animal has id. or the owner acknowledges they own the animal. An article read, said... after 48hrs animal control can euthanize a stray by using carbon dioxide,"gasing"- a cruel and inhumane method, never knowing if the animal could have been placed in a "loving home" . versus lethal injection.
December 12, 2011
Thank you fellow walkers for responding and for the vital information pertaining to the unleashed dogs.
December 12, 2011
This appears to have turned in the Bear Rocks home owners association forum.
December 12, 2011
This appears to have turned in the Bear Rocks home owners association forum.
DCSki Reader
December 28, 2011
When my children can't play in their neighborhood without being terrified that one of those dogs will attack or get run over by the psycho tow truck bet that I'm going to type everywhere I can to make someone listen. My job is to make sure my children are safe, as well as protect a community that can get back to what it was intended to be,,,unfortunately without ski slopes.
Avid Skier
January 3, 2012
Please refer to title of this blog. "DCSki", not "DCDog". Start your own blogs and air your issues where they might help with your problem or concers.
January 3, 2012
Thank you Avid Skier. THIS IS A LOST SKI FORUM.
January 23, 2012
I learned to ski at Bear Rocks as part of the Blizzard Ski Club. This was in the late 60's and early 70's. We would get picked up by a bus at a local shoping center in Fox Chapel. Very early in the morning. We would ski all day and then get bused back to the shopping center at night. We were kids aged 9-13. No parents, just us kids. It was heaven.
February 25, 2012
nice i like on the peak and i have a ski and a t pole from here
DCSki Reader
April 11, 2012
I never had a problem with dogs when I take mine for a walk. Then again I don't let mine run on a 20 foot leash and let them go up peoples drive ways to do their bussiness like alot do. Maybe thats why your dog as been attacked twice just saying.
John Miller
May 18, 2012
Wow, Just happened on this site and it's bringing back memories. My family lived on Maple road and we spent summers here from the late 60's thru the middle 70's. I remember Jay DeLacio, how's life treating you Jay? Scott and Sam Perri and their sisters Kim & Felice. Jay's sister Kathy. Denny Lawler, Danny Miller, sir greatness,(Denny), Ugly, (Eric?) and stupid, (That was you Dale). Of course Denny, big brother, named everyone so.... I remember you Anne and your sister Jane & brother John. Brent and his truck. You brother were a bit of a madman in that thing. I remember an accident one year, you and Dave Kaufman and Scott & Sam and, if I'm not mistaken there were casualties! That was the end of the truck too I think. Lynnie & John Paul Evangaliste, Barb Freeman, Matt, Jimmy and little Dave Brady. Kim & Holly Moore, Tommy Jones, Mark Pomper. I remember tackle football in the field behind the summer lodge and nobody liked to tackle Mark's dad because he was so big and hairy! I remember hanging out in front of the summer lodge passing the afternoon throwing knnives at the tree out front. Running roughshod through the community on our mini bikes. I always tell people we were like the mini hells angels on top of that mountain. Fishing down at the fishing lake, (not the one behind the fishing lodge), we used to call Scotty 'old grip hands' cause nobody was better at getting a caught bluegill, trout or bass off the hook! Man, the memories are flooding in now. That place definitely left a permanent mark. I always make time to go up and drive thru when I'm in the 'Burgh, I live in Florida these days. It always seems smaller than I remember....Thanks for the memories guys. I've often wondered how life turned out for everybody so it's good to know that at least some of you are out there and doin' OK. If anyone wants to get in touch leave a note here and we'll figure it out.
May 24, 2012
John Miller, often wonder about the Millers. I dinstincly remember all the fun times you spoke of. I take the time to drive through the Rocks every time I go through that area. I still live in Pittsburgh with the wife and 2 kids. One just graduated from college this past weekend and the other is a Freshman. How about you? any family? What's your sister up to these days? Let me know the next time you are in the area. It would be great to hook up for a few minutes up there. evenbthough its been a few years, I still run into Holli and Sam Perri about every 8-10 years.
John Miller
May 25, 2012
Jay D. !! It would be great to catch up with you. It always seemed strange that I could spend so much time with a group of people and then lose touch so suddenly and completely. Probably mostly my fault, but I remember not just the times up in Bear Rocks, but when we were back in the city taking the bus over to Brookline to hang out with you or Mt. Lebanon to hang out with Denny or going over to Sam and Scott's place and that god-awful hill you had to climb to get up there! My sister Barb still lives in Avalon. I'm sure she would love news of you. I'm hoping to visit in the next couple of months sometime to visit my mom. She lives up in Zelienople these days. I'm married, about 15 years, no kids. My email is I'd love to get together and hash over the old times & hear about the new. And as an afterthought your mention of Sam and Holli seems to indicate a union there...did Sam Perri and Holli Moore end up together??
Rick Weis
June 7, 2012
Lived in Bear Rocks and worked the lift and the ski rental shop, 1970-72.

Graduated C'ville Senior High School in 1972.

Does anybody know the whereabouts of Dave Kaufman?
Last saw him in California in 1974 when I was in the Navy.

Barb Miller
July 1, 2012
First I'd like to start off with let's not forget Cindy Inarelli - I spent many great times with her in BR, and at her family home - RIP, miss you. On a lighter note, I'll never forget the Slag Heap - I was part of the wrecking crew in the backseat. Had he looked before he had thrown the ladyfinger, he would've noticed the cop car right beside us! I have many other great memories too - Matt Rumbaugh teaching me how to drive, and taking care of me when I couldn't take care of myself (by the way Bob, I wrecked your car, not Matt:X); listening to Black Sabbath, hunched over Brent's turntable, coming home from The Furnace with him - and yes, that WAS a lake, not a puddle that we drove into. Talking someone into walking to the truck stop at 2AM ,when the cigarette machine in the ballroom was empty. Amy Mendel and my brother's "gross-out" contests, hell on wheels on mini bikes, "Green Teeth", many hours spent sitting outside on the fence at the summer lodge, waiting for trouble.
Jay-I'll never forget our 76 vacation to Ormand Beach, Florida - that fleabag motel we stayed at, and all the "extras" that we shoved into the back of your car. Using the radiator in our room as a refrigerator for our tequila. And yes, it WAS a good vacation, and no, I'm not still mad at you ;) I'm surprised that none of us ended up behind bars (there's laws against the things we did!) We'll certainly never have that kind of freedom again. My sister Carolyn married Ken Macha-does anybody remember the Machas from the big corner house between the stables and the slope?
I do remember most memories mentioned, and although I'm not the best at names, I definitely remember all the faces, and all the happy times. We lived off of Rock Pool Road- 910 Maple Drive (Lane possibly? It's been so long) I'm still living in Pittsburgh, and after trying marriage once, I decided that I'd rather have dogs! I have a 22-year-old daughter, and after pulling me kicking and screaming from the Stone Ages, she found it easier to type this up for me.
By the way , does anybody remember the name of the resort area across the road from BR that never took off? All I remember is that there were 3 lakes (cess pools) in there, and that there was an old box car in the woods (we suspected that "Green Teeth" lived there.)
I don't have my own email address, but if anyone wants to catch up, or if anyone has any old pictures they could share, you can reach me at my daughters email address:
Thank you all for the wonderful memories - my shrink says I just might be normal again someday ;)
P.S. We knew we had an audience when we got changed for bed at night!
-Barb Miller
July 10, 2012
The resort was called Forest Lake
Dave Davidson
July 18, 2012
I was a ski instructor at Bear Rocks and went on to Hidden Valley with Josef and Nancy. Doug Marner (Owner of Bear Rocks Cycle)was a close friend, I spent many a weekend at his parents place at Bear Rocks.

Dave Davidson
August 5, 2012
I bought property here on Ski Slope Road in 1986. Moved here from Pittsburgh in 1988. Certainly enjoyed being able to walk to Nepenthe. Mother Nature is certainly reclaiming that entire area. I just love it here, and I'll never leave.
Barry Westervelt
August 5, 2012
Hi Rick. Unfortunately, Dave K. died several years ago.
Jen Shaffer
August 5, 2012
It sure is beautiful up here. I love watching the wildlife out the windows deer squirrels and once and awhile a bear. I like enjoying a quiet evening walk you just have to watch walking down on Locust road there is a guy there by the name Sean Kerr who thinks he can chase you off of a township road but it has never stopped me. always one in the crowd as they would say.
August 19, 2012
Years after the slopes were closed we would light fires at the top of the slopes, Ski down,and slowwwly walk back up, Truck intertubes, combined with snowmobile suits and goggles, made fore great high speed runs too... Wish I had grown up living there.
james ruashwa
October 22, 2012
We used to skiny dip with the hogs on maple drive
November 11, 2012
Wow memories I remember Wes Adam fruehauf . Jay Rutledge sister candy. Linda fry. Tracy shaffer. Kristen nurminem . Darlene and Carolyn dunston. Bill the bus driver. Going to brownies and girl scouts at the lodge. Corning cars at the firehall and on a big rock further out the road. Going to salt lick school. Which I heard is closing this year. Tony and Ronnie stonebreaker was our last stop on the bus on county line road. Kim Hollis Trudy mowry. Chrissy Brenda Kreinbrook Kim and Michele Cramer. Butch? He always sat in the back of bus everyone was afraid of him. Tammy and Sean Tyree. Twins Erica and Renae. Kris Hurnly? What a great time we all had. Would love to hear from everyone
Gail m
December 10, 2012
Hi: I just bought a house on Maple Road. I had been looking for about two years in Bear Rocks because I fell in live with it when I happened upon the area by accident. My homeowners insurance is wondering if there are fire hydrants in the area or a fire station. I see the Bullskin Twp Fire Dept is on Keefer RoAd, about 13 minutes away. Is there any closer and does anyone know about the fire hydrants? I won't be down until Saturday and the closing is Monday. Thank you.
December 14, 2012
There is a fire station very close to the BRCC on Bear Rocks Rd. The Club actually pays to have the station there to keep our fire insurances down. There is a fire hydrant near the top of Rock Pool Rd near the intersection behind the lake. I don't know of any others. There is a lake on West Lake Rd that the tanker trucks can also retrieve water from.
Laura M. Zelenka
February 7, 2013
I moved up to Bear Rocks in 2006. I bought a Chalet on Rocky Ridge Rd. I redid the house because it was in bad shape, now I got it the way I wanted it and love it. I also enjoy walking my 4 dogs and riding my motorcycle up here.. The people are so friendly here, so I am so glad I choose to move to Bear Rocks.. If anyone has any old pics of the old ski resort
please send...
Mark B
March 4, 2013
Very fond memories of Bear Rocks. 1969-1972 time frame. From McMurray Pa.
Jim Tharp
April 23, 2013
I have a small undeveloped property in Bear Rocks that I would like to sell cheap! Been in the family for 50 years and never developed. Please contact me at for details.
fred seifried
July 8, 2013
friend jim lawrence used to fly helicopters around up there . started out in an apt above the lodge & ended up @ the top of the old ski slope . could sit on the porch & see my house in pgh.sort of. any one see jim or mary say hey ! we're old farts from way back in the 1st 1/2 of last century ! still haven a good time though HOW IN THE F%$@ I ended up on this ??? site ???
robert spittka
July 12, 2013
I have property in bear rocks and thinking of building their. Has the dog problem been solved.
July 25, 2013
There is a dog problem on Forest with 2 dogs that are never leashed. I have pepper sprayed them in the past. They are mean. Scroll up the comments to see the owners name. I have also had random attacks on my dog while out walking but nothing serious. In the last 2 years, I'd say 5-6 times.
August 21, 2013
Never got to ski Bear Rocks regretfully. Seems like the community and the ski area was and would have been a profitable venture for the developer. Wonder why he pulled out after just 10 years investing so much time and money to develop the resort so he could open a TRAILER PARK... in Ohio?
Avid skier
August 23, 2013
Great question!! If anyone has a clue to this answer, its Dan Boggs. Dan, why did the developer pull out after 10 years???
August 23, 2013
Hi Avid skier. Dan may be able to respond to the question but I think the answer can be found by asking another question. Who ultimetly profitted by the closing of ski operations at Bear Rocks?
Barry Westervelt
August 30, 2013
As far as profiting by closing the ski slopes, I don't know. It is a small hill, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley are nearly 1000 ft higher elevation and much bigger hills. It didn't take much to have a short ski season at Bear Rocks. The competition for out of town skiers went to the bigger hills. I guess it was a case of how much money can someone afford to lose before they have to pull the plug.
September 2, 2013
Your right Barry. No question 7sprngs H.Vly had those advantages over a small ski area like Bear Rocks. Let's go back to the ski business, real estate development plans as it was in 1973 for a minute though. While Bear Rocks could never offer the skiing of the bigger competitors it did have some advantages. First it was closer for skiers who did not want to drive so far. Second being a smaller ski operation it could not charge for lift tics/season passes what the bigger resorts could. That dosn't mean that it wasn't profitable. But it was a cheaper alternative for skiers and in that way influnced what the other resorts could charge. But perhaps even more importantly is that Bear Rocks was a threat to the real estate development plans of the others. We're talkin big bucs here.
Dan Boggs
December 30, 2013
Member since 11/21/2013 🔗
1 posts

Hey Avid and Ron,

So why did the developer "pull out?".  While I can't speak directly for the late Bob Pearlman, (the developer) I can tell you the answers I was given when I asked the same question of the people directly involved.  Pearlman was a successful and rather wealthy real estate investor in Pittsburgh.  Bear Rocks was a small housing development consiting of the Lodge and the housing lots surrounding it originally developed by Joe Breshkin (not sure of the spelling).  Pearlman and Scott Hamilton Realty bought the development and expanded the place fourfold by buying up most of the southerwood forest. The first thing to know is that there is only one reason there ever was a ski resort in Bear Rocks, and that is that Bob Pearlman was an avid skier and he beleived it would attract lot buyers to the development.  The Ski Area, Horse Stables, East Lake and Lower recreation area were all meant to sell lots to vacationers from Pittsburgh.  This they did.  By about 1970 all the lots had been sold.  So at that point the Ski Area was more of a winter hobby project for Pearlman than a profitable business venture.  Trouble was, at nearly 1000 feet lower than Seven Springs and Hidden Valley it suffered from warmer temperatures and about a month less time being open - closing about two weeks earlier and opening two weeks later.  The shorter season and was a big factor in the decision to close.  The other thing was that Pearlman had had some difficulty finding people willing to manage the place.  He originally had hired a gentleman fro Austria to run the lodge and ski school but he left for a Hidden Valley.  Pearlman himself ran things for a while and asked my father (Jim Boggs) to take on the job of general manager.  Origianlly, Dad had come to Bear Rocks at Pearlman's request to manage the work crews building the roads and everything else, and had only learned to ski to work with Pearlman. After the short '72/73 season, Dad told Pearlman he wouldn't be available to serve as general manager anymore because he wanted to concentrate on his growing real estate and construction business.  At that point Pearlmann decided to throw in the towel and put the place up for sale.  By the way, Bob Pearlman and my father were both friends of the Dupres and used to ski with them an get together fairly often.  There was no hostile business dealings behind Bear Rocks Ski areas closure.  

Here is a link to a PPG article where Pearlman discusses the expenses he faced each season.,1374557

avid skier
February 27, 2014
Member since 10/21/2013 🔗
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Great stuff Dan. Thanks for link.

avid skier
April 20, 2015
Member since 10/21/2013 🔗
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avid skier
September 10, 2016
Member since 10/21/2013 🔗
4 posts

Anybody out there from Bear rocks who lived there from 1965 to 1975?

Brent Mendel
January 15, 2019
Member since 01/14/2019 🔗
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Seems as though everyone forgot about this page ( including me ). I lived in Bear Rocks from 69 to 76. It was a truly great place to grow up. I am now in south texas and starting a distillery. Have made a superb Gin and have an order for 30 cases, better get to work. Big shout out to all, don't have time to mention all of you.

Luck and long life,


Brent Mendel
January 15, 2019
Member since 01/14/2019 🔗
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I can be reached at

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