Mount Lebanon Golf and Ski Area

Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Paul Cline has been trying to hunt down information about a short lived ski area in his home town. We don’t know the exact name of the ski area, but Paul suggests calling it Mount Lebanon Golf and Ski for now. Paul contacted the local historical group, and Wally Workmaster, from the Historical Society of Mount Lebanon, provided him with the following information, and permission to post it to DCSki:

Wally writes:

In early January 2008, Wallace F. Workmaster wrote the following fascinating story describing some of the history of the Mt. Lebanon Ski Center, which he generously provides for publication on DCSki:

Image courtesy of the Historical Society of Mount Lebanon.
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Reader Comments

Wally Workmaster
September 11, 2007
The location of the Mt. Lebanon Ski Area was in Mt. Lebanon, a suburban community south of Pittsburgh, not in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, as indicated in the present heading of your listing. I've located the man who established and operated this ski area and we spoke today at some length. He provided a great deal of previously unknown information that will be shared through Paul Cline in the near future.
September 11, 2007
Hi Wally -- I just corrected the heading.
September 11, 2007
Thanks for the excellent write up Paul! I grew up within walking distance of the golf course (HiWood Dr. in Castle Shannon) and remember tobogganing on the course in the 60's and 70's. There is an area bounded by the clubhouse/Pine Ave. on the west and Columbia Ave in the south that was used for sledding/tobogganing in the winter. The hill faced south and was about 800 yards long and dropped about 100 ft. (according to the topo map). It had two parallel trenches dug for toboggans which appear to be visible in the Google Maps satellite images. If people skied at the course, I would bet it was there. My Dad and Uncle grew up in Castle Shannon and were active skiers in the early 50's. I'll ask if they have any recollection of skiing there.
September 11, 2007
Oops! After re-reading the description again I may be thinking of a different site. The site I am thinking of is the Mt. Lebanon Municipal Golf Course (which is still there as far as I know). The site described by Wally and Paul seems to be an old driving range off of Bower Hill Road.

With a red face, RobertW :-)
paul c
October 24, 2007
Hey Robert W - no need for a red face. But you are correct. This is an actual lift supported area over by bower hill rd. I'm hoping Wally scored and got a photo of the area's flyer - he had asked for it. :-)
As for the golf course (and the community park) that too has been skied but strictly as earn your turns. I live close enough to the park that when we get snow I head over for tele turns. I've skied the golf course as well but more on xc - taking great care to avoid the greens.
So ask your family if they have some "experiences" there! :-) Dodumentation would be appreciated by the society as well.
Paul C.
Robbie A
February 12, 2008
That is too cool! Great read. I grew up in Leboland. I remember Gracie's. It was a small store back before 7-11's. Too bad the ski hill didnt last. Mt Lebanon was never short on dough for it parks and rec dept so I am suprised it didnt hang on. Of course maybe if Upper Saint Clair opened a ski slope then Mt Lebanon would of been sure to have on with a Quad!
Martin D
December 22, 2008
Does Bud Stevenson or any of his associates have any photos? It seems that the owner/operator of the facility should be able to come up with something. I recently moved to Mt lebanon (i grew up in Scott)and am very interested in the history of the area and would love to see pictures of this lost local attraction.
Iwan Fuchs
March 18, 2009
Irwin Fuchs was the firts Ski School Director at Seven Springs Mountain Resort

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