Cascade Mountain Resort

Fancy Gap, Virginia

Kenny Hess reports that Cascade Mountain Resort was listed in a 1977 White Book has having a 258-foot vertical, with one rope tow and one chairlift.

Cascade Mountain Resort now appears to be a gated community with mountain homes and lots.

Ski patch from Cascade Mountain. Photo provided by Woody Bousquet.
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Reader Comments

January 12, 2005
My Dad and I skiied at Cascade a few times around 1980. It's just off the blue ridge parkway and US-52, near the NC border, nearest to fancy gap, va. Thee slopes, lots of ice, but a fun night trip. Most skiers were from the Greensboro/ Winston-Salem area.
March 12, 2005
Interesting footnote, there is still an old motel and diner here and as recently as 2001 there were some cabins being sold in the area with the notation in the sales brochure "slopeside" at old resort or "right across of the old slope" which I thought was an interesting ad. Is there a demenad for cabins beside abandonned ski slopes?
November 8, 2005
My grandfather had a chalet at Doe Run on Groundhog Mountain. We went to Cascade for skiing around 1978-1979. There was a small slope for the kids, and the steep slope if you were brave! The ski lodge was at the bottom. My family that went was from Raleigh, Greensboro and Winston-Salem. I remember spraining my thumb and that was the last time we went there.
February 13, 2006
I went to Fancy Gap to see the snow on the mountain last night. While I was there I went to the old Cascade Mountain Resort to see what it looked like. It still kinda favored a ski resort of modern day. It had a gate blocking off ski area so I couldn't see if it still existed. However, there were alot of mailboxes at the end of the road, so I assume there are alot of houses or cabins that has been built there. The inn and restaraunt was still there and I think is still open but I couldn't tell because the inn didn't have any lights on in any of the rooms or no cars in the parking lot. The lights were on in the office though. I don't remember anything about it being a ski resort cause I was just too young, but have heard alot about it from friends and family.
March 2, 2006
My husband and I recently looked at a lot at Cascade Mountain Resort. There is no ski slope, but there are great homes and lots for sale. The community has a pool, great hall (I assume this could have been part of the original ski resort), a pond, tennis courts, etc. It is a beautiful mountain community with great views
March 17, 2006
My daughter now owns the old ski lodge at Cascade, which was converted into a single family home. One side has a "patio" which was the lift area. Cascade is now a gated community with tennis courts, pool, and many beautiful mountain homes.
October 21, 2006
We have a cabin in CMR....and it's a great place with nice amenities, great neighbors and with easy access. Yes, George, there is demand for quality homes in quality areas - if you like mountains, views and some elbow room!
December 17, 2006
I learned to ski at the area in 1979 and then taught skiing at the area in the early 80's. The area was operated by three local guys trying to make it in the ski business, Jerry Liles, Randy Utt and another guy which I can not recall his name. They struggled with warm winters and rental air compressors to remain open. The area used Bob Ash T snowguns, spadman rental bindings and the fastest gas operated chairlift ever, if the chair stopped before it came around the bullwheel, you better skip the next chair, otherwise the next day you would have bruises on the back of your leg from the chair. The are had 3 runs, outside run was about 3000' long(beginner/intermediate) inside run about 2500' long (intermediate) and Zuma about 2250' long, advanced run. Lodge at the top, base lodge had tickets, rentals, ski school, snack bar and patrol. Most of the patrol was from NC area. Instructors from surrounding areas. Groomer was a old Tucker or PB with no muffler you could here it from anywhere at the area. After a couple mild winters and the opening of Winterplace, most skiers from NC and southest Virginia, continued on I - 77 to find more runs, lifts and advanced snowmaking at Winterplace. This was the end to Cascade Mountain. The area had a lastly impression on me, I have continued to work in the ski and ride industry for over 25 years and still recall the early lessons I learned in the business at Cascade Mountain. The area still has great potential, it would work great as a park mountain, with investment into the area, it could be viable with the number of skiers and riders looking for this type of experince within a short drive of NC and Southwest Va.
July 9, 2007
My family owns a lot of land in this resort. We have owned the lot since 1991. Every year I go swimming at this resort on my days off work. This year 2007 has been a horrible year. The staff is very rude, unhelpful and very racist. My family is white but I have friends with mixed children and I never have a problem until one of my friends kids is with me and I think this is so uncalled for. Until this year I would have recommended this resort to anyone but now I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.
January 6, 2009
I was just a girl in the 70s when my parents received an invitation to spend the day at a new ski resort that was opening soon. We received a tour by a jeep type vehicle of the (then) dirt roads that would soon become the home sites and ski slopes. They treated us very good. We received a free lunch and, (I think) a gift just for previewing the property. We did not buy. I was just thinking about this place the other day, and wondering if it still existed, and if it would have been a good investment or not. It would have probably been a very cheap investment then, and I was wondering how it would have been to have a lovely ski resort home now. Thanks for all of the writing on this web site. Some of my questions have already been answered.
February 17, 2009
concerning the "racist" comment about the pool staff. i was there..... the child was corrected, not because of being biracial but of being undisciplined and out of control. thanks
Ron Wansley
February 26, 2009
I am from High Point ,NC. Cascade was one of the first places that I skied in the mid 70's.Since then ,I have skied all over the US. I collect ski pins (not a writing pen ,but a pin that pins onto clothing or a hat), from everywhere that I skied. But I never got one from Cascade.Does anyone know where I can get one ? Do they have them at the resort ? My email is .Thanks for any help or advice.
October 16, 2009
I'm looking at a lot in the resort and was wondering, what is the highest point of elevation in the community? I love the quiet feel and undisturbed setting. But, it does seem odd that the price of land doesn't seem to be appreciating over time.
Any comments or thoughts would be helpful and appreciated! Thank you.
November 19, 2009
Shawn, lots in cascade range from $3500 to $65,000 - depending on location and view. I wouldn't say that land isn't appreciating. Anyway, we have a website with some general information in the public area. Check out
July 4, 2012
Cascade was the first place I skied. I worked at a sporting goods store in Burlington. The owner, Pete Jarvis, took a couple of us kids up there one evening. All I can remember is that it was icy. I thought this skiing stuff is hard! Later I found out what skiing on snow was like and appreciated the icy day at Cascade. I always thought it needed a little more elevation to get decent snow.
December 29, 2014
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It is so great to hear all these cool things about this place.  I have always been fascinated with this gated community... I wasn't around when it was a ski resort, but I wish I was!!  I have always wanted to live here and now I am buying the old lodge at Cascade Mountain!  My wish is to hear stories about fun times there and maybe even see some pictures of how it use to be.  We are going to keep the lodge/ski resort theme throughout the house and I am going to try to gather enough stories to bind a coffee table book for our guests to enjoy.  I am thinking the ski lift use to be right by the patio area of my house (as someone said before)... there are still old concrete steps next to my house and also concrete pillars all the way up the hill to the top lodge (which is now the common area).  I hope to get an old ski lift chair to put in the house as well... it would be perfect for decorations!!  So any input or information about how it all use to look and any old stories would make me one happy lodge owner!!

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