Hickory Ridge

Cherry Ridge, Pennsylvania

A DCSki reader remembers skiing at an area named Hickory Ridge in the early 1970s, located in Cherry Ridge, Pennsylvania, near Honesdale.

A ski patch from Hickory Ridge. Photo provided by Woody Bousquet.

Reader Comments

January 4, 2009
this area was once posted on this site, and then removed - I think someone claimed it was still operational - I really think this place isn't running right now - the owners might have plans of rekindling the ski area, or selling it as a ski area, but I don't think you can go buy a lift ticket or anything
March 2, 2009
I remember skiing here, great small place, Music, ability to ski trails thru the woods. It was small, but it was FUN. I forget what kind of lifts they had, certainly a rope tow and a T/J bar. Must have been the very last of the 60's that we went there.
March 22, 2011
Skied there many times as a kid (pre teens) in the 60-early 70's. Lodge was at the top and they had a t-bar lift.
John Hagler
May 12, 2013
The old Hickory Ridge Ski Area is now Hickory Ridge Resort. Over 20 buildings have been built 9 businesses and maintained two ski slopes and 6 miles of cross country ski trails.The resort is closed and for sale due to health problems.If anyone is interested it can be seen at hickoryridgeresort.com . We are very negotiable in the selling price.Would make a great company retreat or private lodge.Thanks-The owner, John Hagler

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