Ski Area in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Adam Harrington writes in with memories of a ski hill in Johnstown, Pennsylvania:

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January 5, 2010
3 slopes, not two!

I used to board there in college, and I just hit the UPJ ski slopes twice this week to take advantage of some amazing overnight 3" snowfalls. The slopes are still in great condition, the university keeps them clear as nature trails. The lift building, and the poles, are still in place, but I heard from faculty that they hadn't been used since the 70s.

Judging by the height of the poles along the lift path, it was either a rope tow or maybe a bar tow, where you would sit on a bar and get pulled back up to the top.

The third slope, the one on the right when looking at the google map, is a great hill that gets steep after the first bend at the top. You can see the lift line in between the 2nd and 3rd runs. It's not a long run, but it takes 6 or 10 minutes to walk back up to the top of the steep section, and it makes a great way to spend an afternoon.
Brett Pate
February 10, 2013
I mountain biked this when i lived there. Fun going down and pretty area too. I am curious to know the original name of the slopes.
April 20, 2013
I wrestled at UPJ in the mid 1980's and we used the slopes for conditioning. We would repeatedly run down one slope and up the other one. Great work out.

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