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Charles Sneiderman

Charles Sneiderman jokes that he was a cross-country skier until he met Connie Lawn and his life went downhill after that. He is a DC area native and a semi-retired family physician. He reports on senior and adaptive snowsports for DCSki.

Charles has written 4 stories for DCSki since 2018.

2022: DYSS (Different Year, Same Stuff)

DCSki Columnist Charles Sneiderman checks in with his latest XC (mis)adventure.

By Charles Sneiderman | January 10, 2022 5 News

Suburban XC Ski Adventure Becomes an Out of Body Experience

The recent snowstorm gave DCSki Columnist Charles Sneiderman an opportunity to rekindle his passion for cross country skiing, but his 40-year old boots had a different idea. He describes his misadventure in this Firsthand Report.

By Charles Sneiderman | January 24, 2019 3

Nordic Norm and the Silver Streakers

DCSki Columnist Charles Sneiderman recently dusted off his telemark skis and headed to Liberty Mountain Resort for a personalized lesson.

By Charles Sneiderman | January 7, 2019 1

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining - Liberty Mountain Fall Festival

Charles Sneiderman recently attended Liberty Mountain's Fall Festival, and filed this Firsthand Report. He also reports on a new Senior Pass being offered by Liberty, Roundtop, and Whitetail Mountain Resorts.

By Charles Sneiderman | October 19, 2018 1

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