The Granite State and Lou: The Resurrection of Tenney Mountain

DCSki Columnist Lou Botta is on a quest to visit every New Hampshire ski area. He recently swung by Tenney Mountain, a classic, old-school ski area that emerged from a ten-year closure better than ever. He describes his trip in this report.

By Lou Botta | February 25, 2024 2 Firsthand Report

The Granite State and Lou: Gunstock Mountain Resort

Lou Botta continues his examination of New Hampshire ski areas with a review of Gunstock Mountain Resort, which he says offers a family vibe, economical lift tickets, and spectacular scenery.

By Lou Botta | January 9, 2024 2 Firsthand Report

Firsthand Report: Back to Liberty

DCSki Columnist Matthew Graham first skied together with his late wife at Pennsylvania's Liberty Mountain Resort in 1986. It was also the last place he skied with her, in 2015, before a tragic accident took her life. Matthew recently returned to Liberty for the first time since then, and reflects on the experience and his memories.

By Matthew Graham | February 24, 2024 2 Firsthand Report

Going Further Afield: Mount Baldy - LA's Old-School Ski Area Where It's Always 1978

Robbie Allen's search for off-the-beaten-track ski areas has taken him to California's Mount Baldy Resort, located a short drive from Los Angeles. He describes his visit to the old-school resort.

By Robbie Allen | February 23, 2024 4 Further Afield

Firsthand Report: Liberty Mountain Resort

DCSki's Editor visited Pennsylvania's Liberty Mountain Resort on February 21, 2024, finding great snow conditions, sunny skies, and a friendly vibe. He filed this Firsthand Report.

By M. Scott Smith | February 21, 2024 3 Firsthand Report

Going Further Afield: Gambling on Vegas Skiing at Lee Canyon, Nevada

DCSki Columnist Robbie Allen continues to trek across the country looking for off-the-beaten-track ski areas. His latest find is just outside the glittering lights of Las Vegas: Lee Canyon, the only ski resort in southern Nevada.

By Robbie Allen | January 23, 2024 3 What's New

Interview Series: Ted McDowell, General Manager of Roundtop Mountain Resort

In DCSki's Interview Series, we take a look at interesting people who have a connection to the mountains. We recently interviewed Ted McDowell, who joined Pennsylvania's Ski Roundtop as General Manager last season.

By M. Scott Smith | January 19, 2024 1 Interview Series

The Skeptical Skier: Convincing a Friend to Try Skiing for the First Time

In this story, we take a look at six barriers of entry for new skiers and snowboarders. If you're trying to convince a friend to try skiing for the first time, understanding -- and being empathetic to -- these reservations will go a long way towards easing their concerns.

By M. Scott Smith | January 15, 2024 7 Feature Story

Winter Driving Tips

A potential snowstorm is brewing for later this week, which might bring measurable snow across the Mid-Atlantic region -- perhaps a foot or more in mountain regions. Since the Mid-Atlantic region doesn't experience snowstorms too often, we thought we'd refresh you on some tips for driving safely in the snow, in case you encounter snowy roads in your pursuit of some turns.

By M. Scott Smith | January 2, 2024 5 Feature Story

Firsthand Report: Early Season Skiing at Vail, Colorado

DCSki's Editor took a gamble by booking an early-December ski trip to Colorado's Vail Resort. In this detailed Firsthand Report, he describes how the gamble paid off, as Vail's open terrain surged during his three-day visit.

By M. Scott Smith | January 7, 2024 8 Firsthand Report

The Granite State and Lou: Pats Peak

DCSki Columnist Lou Botta is exploring all ski areas in New Hampshire. In this story, he describes Pats Peak, a family-run resort that he describes as exceptionally well run.

By Lou Botta | November 13, 2023 5 Firsthand Report

Avoiding Altitude Sickness when Traveling West

With warmer weather and rain putting a damper on early-season skiing in the Mid-Atlantic, you might find yourself browsing airline web sites in search of cheap fares out west. If your plans take you to higher elevations, it can take awhile for your sea level-calibrated lungs to adapt to the thinner air. We capture some tips on how to avoid altitude sickness.

By M. Scott Smith | December 28, 2023 4 Feature Story

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